The FCV has received the support of the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission to coordinate the youth exchange ‘The Power of Theater’.

The FCV will host the first week of July 2021 the youth exchange ‘The Power of Theatre’. The activity will take place in a rural environment in the municipality of La Vansa and Fòrnols, with the collaboration of 5 European organizations from Poland, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania. The youth exchange will facilitate the participation of 30 young people.

The aim of the project is to integrate and use the methodology of social theater, as a non-formal educational approach, for the development of key competences of young people.

Different aspects of social theater will be used, such as forum theater, image theater, corporal expression, improvisation, clown, community theater, etc. that will allow to develop relevant and highly important skills such as interpersonal relationships, social skills, teamwork, initiative and self-motivation.

The specific objectives are:

-Introduce the values ​​and principles of social theater in education and youth empowerment.

-Create a space where participants can learn and practice the methodology of social theater, such as forum theater, improvisation and physical theater.

-Use the performing arts as an alternative to technologies to communicate, reflect, learn and interact.

-Encourage the development of competencies, abilities and aptitudes of the participants through non-formal education.

-To promote active citizenship, European awareness, social inclusion and tolerance.

-Foster cooperation between partner and participating entities in the field of youth work and within the framework of the Erasmus+ program.

We will develope the project together with Gemma. And who is Gemma?

Gemma is a social educator with experience with youth, menas, and youth justice. She works with groups at risk of social exclusion using non-formal education and the performing arts to lead to self-learning, reflection and empowerment. She has created the Alter Network, an association that works to promote opportunities for young people in Bulgaria, with future locations in Italy and Catalonia. Currently, she works as a clown and theater and circus trainer with children, young people and people with functional diversity.

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