The “Youth Impact for Peace” research is now available

Is now available the international research “Youth Impact for Peace”, aimed at providing a solid base for understanding which practices are used by 6 non-profit and non-governmental organizations. They are formed by young people and develop educational programs at international level in the fields of peace education, non-formal and intercultural learningyouth impact (3).

The 6 organizations that promote the project “Youth Impact: Strengthening Organizational Capacities to Build Peace in Europe” and that carried out the research for more than a year are: International Civil Service (Belgium), Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell’Educazione e lo Sviluppo- CEIPES (Italy), European Intercultural Forum e. V. (Germany), Peace Action, Training and Research Institute – PATRIR, (Romania) la Fundació Catalunya Voluntària -FCV and the international organization United Network of Young Peacebuilders-UNOY (Holland), which was the coordinating organization and of which the five others organizations are members.youth impact (2)

The research analyses 3 key elements for improving the capabilities of the organizations to overcome the challenges that are common to many other organizations, such as the knowledge management in a context where people change very often, or the efficient management of limited resources for reaching goals more and more relevant (and complex). The research analyses the practices, the tools, the monitoring, evaluation and learning activities that the 6 organizations use, through a study that reflects the importance of these three aspects in the improvement of the organizations and their impact.

Under the wings of the Key Action 2 of the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission, which favours the strategic association in the field of youth and the initiatives of cooperation for the innovation and exchange of good practices, youth impact (4)the Dutch National Agency allowed a team of 10 international researchers to carry out, during a period of 18 days, 6 study visits in the 6 organizations that take part in the project. The researchers used various analysis and data collection tools and relied on the support and dedication of all the teams of the 6 organizations (volunteers, workers, managers, external collaborators). The research allowed the 6 organizations to identify its strengths and weaknesses as well as introduce new monitoring, evaluation and learning tools and strategies. We hope that this will apply to all the persons that are part of the organizations that will consult the research, in which they will be able to deepen their knowledge of some of the elements that help the organizations to improve the quality of their activities and programs.

You can check the 48-page-long research in English at this link. Soon we will be able to offer the Spanish and Catalan version as well.

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