What’s new in ESC!

With the implementation of the ESC (European Solidarity Corps), come the novelties of the new programme. The new guide has been in our hands since the beginning of May, and we want to present you some of the updates!

As some of you will already know, the ESC (previously part of Erasmus+ programme), has become independent and has come to be called the European Solidarity Corps. This new programme, apart from including the volunteering activities that we knew up until now (the short and long-term individual projects), it has come with different novelties:

Team volunteering

Short-term volunteering, which is done with more than two people, and that has as a characteristic that it takes place in groups from different countries. Apart from the characteristic of more participants, its novelty is that you can participate more than once.

Solidarity projects

If you have a group of friends, you are involved in a local project, and you want some support (both financial and personal), this would be the ideal for it. These projects allow local groups to receive support to implement ongoing projects. Consult the entities!

Volunteering In Country: New!

The new programme allows for short and long-term volunteer projects nationwide. Always with a European component so as not to lose the objectives of the program, but with the possibility of staying close to your home.

The entities are already working on filling out the new forms, attending trainings organized by the National Agency and developing new projects to ensure that each young person finds the opportunity that best suits their needs.

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