Volunteering by a volunteer

Martaa send us one of the poems of its pass for volunteering in Slovenia


From living in a 1.6 million people city

to a country of nearly 2 million.

From hearing the traffic noise and life in the streets

to being 5 minutes away from the silent woods.

From salty water and sand between your toes

to lakes, soft grass and rivers.


From jamón, horchata and tapeo

to bureks, fresh fruit and Ajvar

From good morning, enjoy your lunch and thank you

to Doberdan, Dobertek i Hvalalepa.


From riding a motorbike making a hundred plans

to reading a book in your own backyard.

From living with your partner and hugging in your sleep

to sleeping and eating with 4 new best friends.


From the warmth of your comfort zone

to a 360º turn and starting from scratch.


Vhalalepafor so much,Slovenia,

ee you soon!

In addition, we leave you the videos that Marta has made in Slovenia:





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