Almost 5 months ago I undertook this adventure, and I could not be happier to have made this decision. When I arrived here, I did not expect much: I did not expect the facilities to be perfect and I thought it would be a bigger sacrifice for me, but as soon as I arrived, I was surprised. I live in a house with 14 other people and, I know it may seem crazy, but I love it.

It is a three-story house and has two kitchens, single rooms for almost everyone (although I share mine with two other guys) and its own bathroom. I will not deny that sometimes living together is difficult, and I would say that this is what I am having more problems with, but the fact that sharing a flat with 14 other people from different countries implies that learning a lot about their cultures, it implies that you are never alone unless you want to be, it implies days of activities, links and a lot of personal growth.

I think the best day here was when it snowed a little and we went to the forest (which is 5 minutes away), and we walked for two hours playing with the snow and enjoying the beautiful scenery

On the other hand, I would tell you not to expect much from any volunteering you are going to do, even if you decide to do this one: the more you wait the more disappointed you will be, and the important thing is that you always see the positive side. Here, I reflect the good that I have gotten from this experience, but of course that in 5 months negative things have happened, from which I have learned a lot, and that is the important part. If you are an open and flexible person, this is your place.

Finally, I will write a quote that I think reflects my way of seeing life, and what has made it possible for me to live with so many people. It goes like this:

“The highest form of human intelligence is the ability to observe without judging”


Jordi Jodar