Together…we can!

After an intense year of work to understanding what is the culture of peace, promoting the development of skills, capacities and strategies to carry them out in our daily life, we were heading for the project´s conclusion in Serbia.

During the first day, participants from different countries shared  the results of the project and we recalled what we had learned about the culture of peace, the importance of being tolerant and empathetic with everyone, respecting  than the other person’s regardless of their culture, religion and background. One conclusion was clear: differences enrich us and through conflicts we can always learn, improve and even develop skills to learn how to better manage them and improve our present and future reality.

During  the second day, the representatives of the different countries shared ideas to spread in our countries,which we had learned thanks to the participation in the project. Thus, we came to the conclusion that workshops and other dynamics were a good way to convey these ideals. In addition, it is important we use non-formal education to promote this type of social values, and that, little by little, we are able to merge this learning into formal education so that, through children and young people, we can create a better society. At noon, we went to present the project to the Town Hall of Krusevac, where we were cordially received. In the afternoon we presented our initiatives in a cafeteria with images and music.

The third and last day, we created a space to share the ideas and motivations that each of us would carry out in future projects. Finally we got to moment to say goodbye , with some sadness for having reached the end of the meeting , but with the joy and happiness to share this space with everyone and to expand our network of contacts in order to cooperate, together, to create more tolerant and respectful communities with each other.

Elisabet Vives

Participant in the event