‘From Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, this year we want to present ‘Expanding Horizons: Internships In Europe’ the project we offer to young people registered in Youth Guarantee to extend their education through work internship in the Mediterranean’.

‘A great opportunity to broaden your horizons  and take on a broader look at the future. ‘

This year, happy and glad, we are pleased to inform you that for the second consecutive year, we are offering the second promotion of the ‘TLN-MOBILICAT’ program, with the support of Catalan Employment Service (SOC) and European Social Fund, in order to give new opportunities to young people between the ages of 18 and 29 years so that they can give a fresh air and a new vision to their employment future.

TLN is an educational program that offers a job placement for three months in Italy, Greece or Portugal with paid expenses, accommodation, covered travel and a pocket money during your stay. This is a great opportunity because, in addition to offering all the requirements mentioned above, students are trained in the linguistic field before departure, offering English, and Italian in case of going to Italy for 120 hours. Once there, this course continues for 40 hours.

From FCV, we are proud to say that this year we are sending 22 young people to the three destinations mentioned above. Through our offices we want to make everyone who reads the news share so that, if you were interested in not too distant future, you can always request information or a small appointment to find out more about this emotional thing. project.