TLN Mobilicat on track

One step away from the start of summer, we are pleased to announce that all the groups of the TLN Mobilicat international internship program are already in the destination countries! As you know, this year Italy, Portugal and Poland are chosen countries for 2022. Nerves, enthusiasm, challenges, first times in an  airport, new languages. The young participants are living an experience full of adventures, new professional projects and a path full of opportunities. There are 8 young people who have set foot in Portugal since March, 4 who have already ventured into Poland and 12 who have just left for Italian lands!

During a month and a half of linguistic preparation, they have been able to work on the language and culture of the country accompanied by a native teacher, it has not only allowed them to prepare before leaving, but has also allowed them to get a certification that will open doors for their professional and personal future. This program offers full linguistic immersion, and that is why as a Foundation we seek the highest quality supported by a series of activities, dynamics, outings, group lunches/dinners at restaurants that make an integrative and practical teaching-learning process.

In addition, the program includes a month and a half of intercultural preparation in which young people have been able to work on professional and personal skills for conflict management, self-knowledge, values, responsibility, etc. and to develop connections between them. They have been able to participate in different dynamics, activities and conferences that have united them, made them reflect, get to know each other and take responsibility for their own process.

We have young people living professional experiences in many different fields. Marketing, restoration, law, bird watching, laboratory research, cartography, journalism, among others! 24 totally different profiles with various job objectives and desire to learn different ways of working in the host countries.

With a backpack of new skills, new friendships and new goals, they have entered this new challenge that is giving them new points of view to grow and obtain an enriching experience on a personal and professional level. We can only hope that the final evaluation is as good as the current process!