TLN Mobilicat: A worthwhile experience

I discovered TLN Mobilicat thanks to a friend who also participated in this program although he went to a different country. I had already finished my degree of history, and I had already completed my master’s degree in teaching to be able to work in this area. I had done everything necessary to be able to start working but I couldn’t find my place. I had been working for several months, but after that, I spent some time doing nothing and this made me feel upset. I felt very unmotivated and socially cheated. I got the opportunity to go abroad for a working experience for over two months. It was quite a relieve because I had nothing better to do. So was there anything better to do than to escape for an experience like this?

At first I was very scared because I had neither been away from home for so long nor lived on my own. But in fact, it is a process in which you meet people of similar age, who will participate in the same adventure. At any time you have the support and guidance of the tutors from the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària: before, during and at the end of the experience. So all said and done, I contacted the foundation coordinator, Elena, and they accepted me to be part of the adventure. (You are asked about certain requirements, previous studies: a specific work situation, etc.) The whole experience has been financed, otherwise, honestly, it wouldn’t have been possible for me. The first step is the language course, specifically related to your destination country, obviously, in my case it was Italian. Although getting to Barcelona in the morning was on occasions hard, the fact of having a routine again was very rewarding. You combine the language studies with activities to know the people you are travelling with better. 

You go there to work and specialise more in your sector or broaden your limits and learn about other options. You also live with people you’ve known for a month and it’s not always easy, but it’s a way to grow and wake up, which I discovered was necessary for me.

In conclusion, this experience has helped me to grow on a personal level, to discover that I am indeed a functional adult capable of enjoying myself in a foreign country. I’m back and really wish to start fighting for achieving the way of life I want.