In November of last year we received great news: a call was opened for TLN 2021/2022. In fact, this year will be the third year that Fundació Catalunya Voluntària coordinates the TLN Mobilicat program and we are more eager than ever after the difficulties we encountered in the last call due to the covid19 pandemic. 

Fundació Catalunya Voluntària describes this program very briefly; Expanding Horizons: Professional Internships in Europe. In fact, the TLN Mobilicat program is precisely for participants to open up horizons, discover different perspectives and acquire new skills. This program provides a unique opportunity for participants to enter the job market once the program is over. Each phase of the program, a total of three, is designed for young people to work on skills that improve their chances of finding employment through a personalized itinerary of accompaniment and support. 

This year FCV offers internship positions in three different countries: Portugal, Poland and Italy. In order to take advantage of the internship, the program has a pre-departure preparation phase and also a follow-up phase after the end of the internship period. Throughout the preparation, young people work in groups and individually, following a booklet of activities focused on exploring oneself to enhance and improve skills and competencies useful for their professional future. 

On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize the positive synergies that emanate from each group of participants in the TLN Mobilicat. Suddenly, a group of people of similar ages, from different worlds but with common goals come together. This group goes on to share a training space, many hours of joint work and finally leave as a group to the relevant destination. Inevitably, when you’re away from home, you support people you know and what was originally a group of strangers, is the start of family abroad. 

In conclusion, the TLN Mobilicat experience offers a range of opportunities for young people to grow, both personally and professionally. We encourage all young people between the ages of 18 and 29 to take advantage of these opportunities and inform themselves. It’s worth it. 

Youngsters, Europe is waiting for you!

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