The FCV has gained the support of the European Commission to implement the project of innovation and promotion of creativity in youth issues titled ‘Fine arts for FINE Learning’ that revolves around the fine arts as a source of learning from a European perspective.

The practice of artistic disciplines considered as fine arts has the potential, among many other virtues, to offer learning that we can consider also ‘fine’. We use the English word FINE, from ‘Fine Arts’ as an acronym to promote the type of learning that the 5 NGOs promoting the initiative want to offer and, thanks to the support already received, will help to create, in collaboration with cultural companies and young artists: a Focused, Inclusive, Nutritive and Engaging type of learning.

Over the course of 12 months we plan to carry out activities that are meeting, exchange and learning points between two different ‘schools’: that of non-formal and informal learning (also known as ‘leisure time education’) and of culture, art and creativity, two sectors that have much to share, that have elements in common and that, without a doubt, could be connected and supported each other much more.

The vision of the project is to better understand the work of the other sector to learn from each other, so that, in one hand, artistic techniques can be part of the educational repertoire and, at the other hand, that the non-formal and informal methodology can form part of the repertoire of actions carried out by artists and cultural companies.

The activities that we want to carry out, both locally and internationally, should serve us to offer new learning adapted to the educational needs of young people first of all, and, also, of the educators and cultural agents themselves, strengthening their professional, pedagogical and resilience capacities, to be better prepared for the social, digital and economic transformations that are taking place nowadays, in a certainly difficult context as a result of the various crises, so that their actions achieve a greater impact and be part of the solution to a long list of community, climatic and territorial challenges.

The main activities of the initiative, which take place simultaneously in 5 European countries (also in Italy, Greece, Hungary and Portugal) will be, first of all, to create work teams in each of the countries in order to organize various activities, both in face-to-face and in an online format, aiming to create useful tools to offer a different and complementary type of learning to which the one we are used to.

One of the results of the initiative, to which the 5 promoting entities have committed, is the creation of a manual/toolkit in a collaborative way, which will be published online at the end of 2022 in the 7 project official languages: English, Catalan, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Hungarian and Italian, with the contributions of dozens of entities and young people from the 5 participating countries.

We can also advance that we are preparing an international training course and that towards the end of the project will take place in Budapest, Palermo, Amarante, Thessaloniki and Barcelona conferences in which we will present some of the experiences, activities carried out and tools created as a result of the initiative, including above said manual.

If your vocation is to transform reality through the arts; If you want to develop your artistic and pedagogical skills, if you want to be part of the initiative and help us with your experience, we encourage you to complete the following online form with your contact details, to be convened to an online info session and better understand your availability and interests.

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