Lluc Martí

Elena Fernandez

I love living in the countryside and hiking in the forest… There I can collect wild plants and use them in my daily life. It is one of my…

Anastasia Evsyukova

I like taking beautiful photos and videos, looking at the moon and stars and being with nature. I want to change this world for the better.

Judit Bosch

I like to travel, play sports and spend hours walking in the mountains. Addicted to specialty coffee, to reading books about human behavior and the Friday afternoons with friends!

Żaklina Gapińska

I arrived to Barcelona from Poland to volunteer in FCV. I love discovering new places, drawing and snowboarding/kitesurfing in the season.

Lara Kaba-Skoblinski

I come from the south of France and I have been in Barcelona within the FCV as a volunteer for 12 months. I like novelty, travel but also design,…