Zywa Zemia is the name of the site that was welcomed to us in Poland, near the town of Gdansk. A beautiful farm very well cared for, surrounded by a thousand beautiful corners and animals. An idyllic and perfect place to match young people from different places in Europe to learn, reflect and experience.

The Sustainable Communities for You(th) formation was divided into different thematic blocks: personal growth, sustainable collective development, financial and environmental balance. A very full program where we made personal wish maps, we searched and prioritised our values, being aware of our strengths, coaching tools, circular economy, active listening, non-violent communication, decision-making methods, process of change…

In addition to the whole content part, there were two days devoted to performing hand-held activities, where apart from discovering and being able to do a little taste of areas that we liked or were curious to do, such as working with bees, doing recycled paper, working in the orchard, working in the orchard, fixing the balls, cleaning the lake, among others, we actively contributed to the community and returning the part of what it had given us, by welcoming us.
There was also a part of the programme that we decided according to our interests, and apart from all the content, we were able to propose activities that we liked and share our skills with our partners, such as yoga, meditation, bachata classes, NGO presentation…

One thing I particularly liked was all coherence, food was spectacular, all foods were vegetarian and proximity and many of the decisions were taken together. And at all times we felt free to express how we felt and what needs we had both individually and as a group.

The stay was short, and very beautiful dynamics were created, where everyone had their space. It has been a very enriching and inspiring experience, where in addition to the different bonds created, we have learned more about ourselves, how to relate to each other in community, alternative ways of travel, transformative experiences from around the world.