Sustainability as a living paradigm experience

This October, we have been in Cyprus for eight days, and we would like to share our emotions and opinions about this incredible and unforgettable experience.

We would like to start talking about the weather, which has been excellent, very sunny in the mornings, an incredible temperature, we even had the opportunity to go to the beach in Limassol to swim even though we have been staying in a mountain town. The views from our hotel were incredible. We had many mountains around and because we are at a high altitude the nights were super beautiful as we could see many stars. Our Erasmus was about sustainability. We did many activities related to it in which we have learned a lot, more than what we expected, especially because everyone of the participants shared their tips, experiences and knowledge that after  the trip we can apply to our lives. For example, we talked about Fast Fashion, about how to recycle, tips to be more sustainable in our day-to-day life, we also did an activity that we really liked, it was called Plugging, and it consisted on going to collect litter in the forest area since we were in the mountains, so we spent a whole afternoon cleaning, in total we got 14 bags of litter. It was very impressive to see it in person, and realizing that that amount of trash wasn’t even the 1% of the trash that has to be removed in Pedoulas.

Personally we think it has been super interesting, we have learned a lot. We have had the ability to develop our abilities with English, we also think that it is super important to take first hand about world cultures because, for example, we have had many Russian colleagues  that have talked about their difficult situation in their country, and before that moment we didn’t realize what the real problem was until we heard and saw a Russian person break down crying in front of us on the subject of war, it was though but absolutely worth the time to be open minded and receive everyone’s point of view in every situation going on around the world.

Although the transport has not been the best, we had to take many planes, and spent 24h flying from one place to another. But the good side of it is that we learned how to organize ourselves in difficult and busy situations like ours.

Another thing we would like to remark is about the organization that has made this trip possible, everything went great, but we’ve got to say that we weren’t very sure about the whole trip, that’s because  we  had  to do everything very quickly since it was a last minute activity and that caused that we couldn’t have the 100% of the information at time, we didn’t feel like we had enough time to prepare everything and we had to do it very fast, apart from that everything was alright, and thanks to the organization we had the best experience of our whole year.

Some things that we’ve loved experiencing are the cultural nights, there were opportunities to be in other countries’s skin, to get to know them a little bit more in a funny way, we tasted traditional food, we’ve heard traditional music, we’ve danced traditional dances, and we will take all of that home, will always remember those experiences.

One of the greatest things of those experiences is the friends that you make. In fact, the most difficult part of this experience was saying goodbye to everyone, since everyone lives very far away from us. We’ve all talked about how much we have connected in just one week being together and it’s amazing the amount of confidence and fun that we’ve had  together, it’s going to be difficult to forget all of that, and one thing we are sure about is that we would like to  repeat  this experience with other opportunities, with other people and other places, I would surely recommend this to everyone I know.