Start the Cha(i)nge

This year, the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària will host the youth exchange “Start the Cha(i)nge” from 19 to 27th of May. The exchange, which will take place in Vilanova i la Geltrú, will be carried out with the participation of 20 young people from Catalonia, Turkey, Lithuania and Romania.

This exchange has as its main theme change and the role of each to create it. The main objective of the exchange is to reflect on the importance of the individual role in creating impact at a global level.

This will be done through dynamics and methodology typical of non-formal education, empowering the group of young people to become active agents of social transformation.

The power of change will be addressed from three dimensions:

  • Personal change, focusing on working on the weaknesses and improving the strengths, as well as doing a journey towards self-knowledge.
  • Local change, learning to work in a team, share competences and know how to make constructive feedback. Learning how implement theoretical ideas.
  • Global change, to see the importance of incorporating transversal thinking when performing any action.

This space will be used to empower the group to have an active role, to collaborate and to empower each other. Competencies will be developed to be able to carry out possible changes that people want to make.

The FCV, together with the organizations Minte Forte (Romania), System and Generation (Turkey) and RJOS ‘Apvalus Stalas’ (Lithuania), can develop this exchange with the support of the European Commission, within the framework of Erasmus+.

If you want to participate in the exchange, or receive more information about the exchange you can contact 934124493 or send an email to