Spread the Game… the end?

When you participate in this kind of projects, especially of this length (and with a pandemic in between), it becomes part of your daily life. But one day, the project comes to an end. Then mixed feelings come over you. Happy to be able to finish a project that you have elaborated, in which you have worked on, to which you have dedicated time, and that has results with which you are satisfied with. Sad, because you are going to stop having meetings and tasks in common with colleagues from different places. Nervous, because you want this project to be sustainable, to be useful, and to be able to continue it in some way.

There have been many months of sharing methodologies, conversations and good practices with colleagues from Slovenia, Greece and Italy. The project “Spread the Game” has grown and transformed with us, and has given results that we can now share with the rest. Good practices, an inclusive program for Erasmus (and non-Erasmus) activities, and a work team with which we hope to continue sharing new projects.

The evaluation of the project motivated us to start working on new ideas where we could incorporate all the experience acquired so far. In the end, what motivates these projects is to see that your effort has not been in vain.

You can find more details on the web: www.spreadthegame.org

Thanks for the journey!