For the fourth consecutive year, and coinciding with its 20th anniversary, the Valencian entity Joves Solides has organized its traditional Social Innovation Forum at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, on December 13th and 14th.

This fourth forum, inaugurated by the president of the Valencian Community Ximo Puig, and the president of Joves Solides, Lourdes Mirón, had as migration as the main theme: how it is perceived, how one lives, and what Third Sector entities can offer in order to create a more inclusive environment for racialized people. With more than 15 speakers, two round tables, and several Speednetworking-style activities (in which short conversations are established with entrepreneurs to explain their projects); or the Gigalab, in which Joves Solides took the opportunity to show you his own method of developing RESET projects; Foro4IS was a space full of inspiration and learning for all participants.

Artists such as the Brazilian Angelica Dass presented their projects, with her photographic proposal Humanae; or the Mescladís, led by Martín Habiague, as an example of solidary and inclusive economy. These are just some of the examples, among dozens of projects that are carried out by people of very different profiles (journalist Carla Jiménez with Maldita Migración, Ana María Álvarez with her Migration Hub in Berlin, etc.). The presentations also approached different themes: how vocabulary builds realities, the position of Muslim or racialized women in the feminist struggle, and how to break with the image of migration we have today. During the Forum, sensitive issues such as the CIEs, the right to vote of migrants, and the role of people of African descent in the state economy emerged.

It was, in general, an intense forum, with a lot of information that will need time to be processed, apprehended, and fully implemented in society.