Sighisoara Multilingva

Hello, my name is Daniel Casado, I am in Sighisoara participating in this incredible project. In Sighisoara Multilingva we are 5 people, three Italians and two Spaniards. We are responsible for teaching Italian and Spanish courses to the community and to other volunteers. I am very glad to have come here; we do many activities with the Romanian community, both with children as with teenagers and adults.

The coexistence is impressive, although at first it was bit difficult to adapt to live in a house with 20 people, but in the end is one of the best things that you take from this experience, because you know and live with other cultures and develop the capacity of interculturality, learn, respect, they respect you, share and of course, you have an incredible time!

The people of the association are very attentive, and always propose new activities. They become part of your family in Romania. I would certainly repeat it a thousand times. La Revedere.