Samuel in Santiago de Compostela

Samuel tells us about his volunteering experience in Santiago de Compostela, as the FCV’s first in-country project.

‘It is a great opportunity to meet people, also another region, a new language, new gastronomy, make great friends, etc. I have met people from several countries, I have also met people from Galicia, I have made great friends, which I must visit again’.

On the things he has learned and on his homework at school:

‘I have learned to make handcrafts, I have also learned to develop my ideas that I had before, that I had learned with the new children, ages that I was not used to dealing with, because when I had been a monitor I had been with older children. With the girl I worked with, we were a great team that if one failed the other was behind to help, she has helped me to be much better in this job.’

And he emphasizes:

‘I have met wonderful people within volunteering, both volunteers and the people I have worked with in Santa Marta, the center where I worked. They have helped me a lot with everything I have needed during the year, we have gone with the other volunteers to different places in Galicia, the Cies Islands, Coruña, Lugo, etc.

What I liked the most was that I took with me great friends from Galicia, which is the most important thing’.