Fast is slow, but without pauses.


The downpour exhaled the soul that Saturday at sunset after a bucolic, ineffable and majestic single. The steep and hilly abyss gave hospitality to the coastal fall of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. A sixfold journey had led us from Guram Dochanashvili’s hometown to the region that gave birth to Nino Katamadze.

This precious land bathed by the Black Sea, would welcome us over the course of seven rainy days to cultivate ourselves, enlighten us about known contemporaries within the framework of youth mobility and Erasmus+ program.

Prolonged, the intense, shocking, singular, moist aura was annexed within our souls to help us channel the convictions as well as the beliefs about the tasks optimally conducted by the facilitators who carried out the entire unique week, the one that, without a doubt, it has marked a before and after in our professional life.


Throughout the glimpse between July 9 and 16, the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, an entity located in Barcelona, ​​was one of the participants in a professional’s meeting in Kobuleti, Georgia, on youth entities encompassed within the intrepid world from Erasmus+. During these conferences, we speak in a global, heterogeneous, diverse and at the same time inclusive way about the different projects that can be carried out to develop learning techniques with young people and youth workers. On the other hand, mention clearly and concisely that a great task was done on how to manage these courses, what options we can find, how we can weave human relations like a basket and carry out different activities inclusively encompassing diverse cultures and ways of thinking.

It should be clarified that this Partnership Building Activity was aimed at professionals in the educational field, both in formal and non-formal education. Concisely, each participant, annexed by country of origin, were able to present the entities of which they were a part, explain what they offered and what they were looking for.

An intense, formal, participatory and very profitable week with both consistent and enjoyable activities; afternoon in the central park of Kobuleti, surrounded by nature and wild animals, an environment conducive to talking in an entertaining way about the different ideas that may arise among participants, such as the typical Georgian dinner par excellence, known as “Supra”, a festive banquet of food cooked with love, passion and top quality products that cheered our stomach, in a day accompanied by music, dances and a rain that filled the beautiful day with romanticism.


Astrocytes are a subtype of glial cells located in the brain and spinal cord. With a stellate shape, the numerous processes that they present surround the synapses made by neurons.

Said in a more clarifying way, the primary purpose of this experience is to create relationships and weave, like neurons, optimal, perfect and strategically advanced relationships to carry out new projects, ideas and collaborations between countries, thus originating friendship and harmonic affinities so that, in the future, we can all live new adventures that unite us and do not separate us.

Georgia, thank you for this intense week!