Volunteering Summer Camps

Volunteering Summer Camps

Hosting organization: Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej

Period:  A total of 8 week(s) during the period 17/06/2024 to 13/08/2024

Where: Leszno Poland

Application deadline: 10/06/2024

Brief description: International volunteers will be engaged in the Summer Camps program organized by the foundation, focusing on half-day activities such as handcraft workshops,sports, cultural events tailored for children.

Participant tasks: Their responsibilities include designing workshops aligned with participants’ talents, skills, and interests, conducted in English. Additionally, volunteers will prepare cultural presentations, sports activities, and promote a healthy lifestyle. They will also facilitate activities aimed at fostering cultural appreciation and traditions through games and artistic endeavors. Volunteers, in collaboration with long-term volunteers and coordinators, will host a music and handcraft festival for young people.Volunteers may commemorate diversity and shared ESC goals through relevant actions.Furthermore, participants will collaborate in an office setting with a diverse team comprising more than 7 nationalities. We invite you to join us.

Participant profile: We are looking for young volunteers with a vibrant and energetic disposition, a passion for working with children, and an interest in social work. Additionally, we seek individuals who are creative or artistic, adaptable to various environments, and eager to learn about the workings of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The candidate should be capable of both independent work and collaborative efforts within a group setting, demonstrating proficiency in multitasking. We extend a special invitation to Young Persons with Fewer Opportunities (YPFO) to actively engage in this project.


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