Mainstreaming Peace Education

During 2013 and 2014, FCV has been the organization that promoted the adults’ lifelong learning project “Mainstreaming Peace Education in Adult Education“. The project made it possible for the professionals who participated in it to move, to exchange information, knowledge and experiences on topics such as gender equality, tolerance, empowerment, interculturality, and social inclusion of the minorities. The project is carried out with organizations from: Turkey, Holland, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Germany, France and Catalonia and, as a result, we realized an operative manual.


  • Develop a transnational approach, coherent to peace education, as an element for adults’ lifelong learning;
  • Promote civic engagement, intercultural dialogue, gender equality and social cohesion in Europe;
  • Share approaches, methodologies and experiences in the field of adults’ education;
  • Intensify the creation of our network, improving the educational management and capabilities of the civil society organizations in the field of lifelong learning.

In July we published the operative manual resulting from the project: “Mainstreaming Peace Education – Methodologies, Approaches and Visions”.

The project relied on the support of the Grundtvig lifelong learning program of the European Commission.

the webpage of the project.

A learning project on line. Educating for Peace with adults!