Let’s Play, Sing and Dance Together!


The project “Let ‘s Play, Sing and Dance Together: Effective Non-Formal Education for Adults” began in 2013 and was implemented until July 2015, relying on the support of the Grundtvig Learning Partnerships program (Lifelong Learning Program – LLP) of the European Commission.

The main aim of the program was contributing to develop the field of adults’ education. It also aimed at giving adults the opportunity to carry out learning experiences, especially in European Countries, so that they could improve their knowledge and abilities, facilitating their personal development and increasing their employment possibilities.

The member organizations that were carrying out the program were:

“Let’s play” main goals were:

  • Increase adults’ awareness and positive consciousness about the assorted European cultural scene;
  • Explore the similarities and differences in European music genres: ethnic, classical, jazz, rap and pop. Use music, songs and dances as a way of developing the understanding and consciousness about the theme of diversity;
  • Support the activities of practical cooperation among the organizations that work in adults’ education with the intent of establishing a network of contacts and share the best practices and experiences inside the LLP.

The groups that benefited from the initiative consisted of people of different age and origin, with special focus on those unemployed, on elderly and disabled people and on national minorities.

The implementation of this project also helped to:

  • Learn new abilities and methodologies in the field of adults’ education;
  • Share music, songs and dances typical of the partner countries;
  • Motivate the students and the staff members to learn foreign languages;
  • Increase the participants’ self-confidence through the activities of the project;
  • Promote the sense of citizenship and the value of diversity in Europe.

We carried out various workshops and seminars about music, songs, dances and regarding adults’ education and the dialogue between different cultures. They were organized in every member country at the same time, as well as during the mobility periods planned in the project’s calendar.

Some games:

The final products was the DVDs of the projects, which contain music, songs and dances performed by the groups; there were also samples of national music gathered by the students, presentation folders of the project, logotypes and various materials regarding the project.