KA2 Minorities as Opportunity and Occasion for Chrysalis -MOOC

In 2017, the FCV established new cooperation within the framework of the Minorities as Opportunity and Occasion for Chrysalis -MOOC project. The KA2 project for cooperation and exchange of good European and two-year-long (2017-2018) practices aimed to create an open and online course dedicated to professionals working with young people (educators, teachers, trainers, among others), which are useful for improving their intercultural competences and offering them new tools, theories and practices, to manage and value cultural diversity, as a source of learning and continuous improvement of their professional skills.

Led by the Italian organization Informa Giovanni, the project is promoted by 15 organizations from 7 European Union countries (Italy, Finland, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Spain and Austria), including 2 universities, 3 city councils, 1 professional school and 8 non-profit and non-governmental organizations of the mentioned countries, 3 of which are Catalan: the Col·legi d’Educadors i Educadores Socials de Catalunya -CEESCFICAT and the FCV.

A first meeting was held in January 2017 in Palermo, Italy, to agree on the basic elements of the project among all the entities, as well as terms, tasks and responsibilities. The project included 7 visits to 7 places in Europe, for a week, to know good practices of multicultural management carried out by civil society organizations, as well as Public Administration and the various educational agents.  Specifically, the FCV hosted the second visit from June 16 to 24th 2017 in Barcelona.

The course, composed of 6 modules, deals with various topics such as self-evaluation and awareness of culture diversities, fights against discrimination and prejudice through information and techniques to favor inclusion, participation, creativity or steady evaluation in all educational work. The structure of the course is very, from techniques of conflict management and mediation, to learning of social education, education for peace or organizational management applied to the multiculturalism.

The course is the result of the enthusiasm of almost hundred youth workers, representatives of 15 entities from 7 countries, over nearly 2 years of partnership between non-profit and non-governmental entities, municipalities, universities and professional associations.

Here you can access to the free online course!

The project is supported by the Erasmus + program of the European Commission and the Italian National Agency.