Fundacja CAT’s PurrfectVibe 

Fundacja CAT’s PurrfectVibe 

Hosting organization: Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej

Period: A total of 56 week(s) during the period 15/05/2024 to 11/06/2025

Where:  Leszno Poland

No application deadline

Brief description: The Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej is looking for volunteers for its organization in Poland for a period of 56 weeks with a friendly and diverse work team where you can be part of the learning and growth of young people and older people, preparing activities and experiences for their development.

The project is taking place mostly in Leszno, a historic city in western Poland, within the Greater Poland. Leszno is located between Wroctaw and Poznan. It’s famous for Speedway club (Unia Leszno). The climate is oceanic but be prepared for
unpredictable weather.

Participant tasks: Volunteers will prepare classes for children and adults, focusing on language instruction in their own mother tongue such as English, Spanish, or Italian to enhance communication skills. They will also organize educational workshops, including seasonal camps like Catventures and Eurocamps for youth engagement. Additionally, volunteers will facilitate small projects in the local community, emphasizing adaptability and idea realization. Cultural representation to promote openness and challenge stereotypes is essential. The role also involves advocating for sustainability, promoting European values, and engaging youth in community projects. Volunteers are committed to developing innovative methods for interacting with children and young individuals. Lastly, they will organize events and oversee diverse activities during the European Week festival and CAT Festival.

Participant profile: Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej is looking for individuals with specific skills, including the ability to work with children and youth, teaching languages such as Spanish, English or Italian etc. Proficiency in editing and creating social media content, as well as the capability to produce short films, is highly desirable. Candidates should be able to collaborate effectively in a group, with an interest in creating activities related to ecology or sports and well-being. Artistic skills in music, art, or theater are also valued. Furthermore, candidates should have an interest in being part of an international team.


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