Project in Malta

Hello, we are two students who are studying the second year of the higher degree of social integration. Our educational center (CECAC) together with Catalunya Voluntaria, proposed us to do an Erasmus project in Malta. Without thinking about it, we accepted since we saw it as a great opportunity for us.

When we arrived in Malta, we were afraid of the language barrier, as we have a very basic level of English.  From the first moment they welcomed us without judging us, as well as the other participants and the mentors. Although at first we did not know very well what the project was about, once it was finished we realized that it can be useful for tomorrow in our work environment.  Since, the project is summarized in learning to be able to create your own project, from the tools that have been provided to us.

The structure of the project was divided, the first part was the theoretical one (that we learned through activities) and the practical part (that we had to create our project), we personally liked this structure a lot. Between these two parts, we had the opportunity to make a cultural visit to the capital, Valletta, it was a good chance to disconnect and create more bond with the rest of the participants. What we highlight the most is the methodology they have used, since they were not formal classes, but the ones which are based on participatory methods, various dynamics, reflection session.

We consider that in these types of projects the process of learning outside of the classrom is a great idea, thankfully because of the diversity of cultures we can see other perspectives. We believe that the spaces where we carry out activities and accommodation are very important, and we have been very comfortable in these.

For us it has been an incredible opportunity that we will never forget, it was the place where we have met wonderful people.  This experience has made us grow personally, since we have lived new and very intense sensations. If we had to give some advice to someone who is going on Erasmus soon, we would tell them, as they told us: leave your shame on the plane.

We value this opportunity very much, and thanks to this incredible experience, we are sure that there will be many more!