This program has a wide range of possibilities


Here there are some thoughts came out in the middle of a hot week in Croatia, busy for all the things happening in the third Summer Camp during this year of Europan Voluntary Service.

This program has a wide range of possibilities. Especially I am talking about all the people who can apply to this worth experience.

I am sharing a flat and I had the opportunity to know during the on arrival meeting and  mid-term evaluation promoted by Erasmus Plus program, volunteers with different interests and backgrounds.

So far I have been working in SVC with children here in the center, where we receive them, helping the team preparing decorative materials for the next  events. Moreover, lately I was quite busy organizing the basic Spanish lessons for adults.

From my experience, as a student and member of projects, these dynamics are quite common for projects where people from 18 to 30 years old are involved. This age gap should be a source of learning, instead of be consulted on a superficial level. 

For example, an 18 years-old person who grew up in a country such as Germany, where going out early and experiencing an international exchange is quite common among the youngsters, he/she will approach an Europan Voluntary Service with a distinct attitude compared to people, often older, living  in counties with tough social and economical issues who go out of their homes with the hope of not coming back.

For me, those characteristics that seem common to certain profiles must be addressed in the reception processes with the complexities that are characteristic. Task that, up to the moment that I write these brief reflections, does not seem to me that they are being considered in the moments of accompaniment meetings cycle and slightly less reached in the selection processes.

Thank you,