Power of non-formal education at Iberian level

“Someday everything will make sense. So, for now, laugh in confusion, smile through your tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.”

When you unexpectedly get an email one day informing you that on November 26th you will take part of a TC in Porto until the end of December, a TC on the power of non-formal education, you feel a joy inside you immense to be able to discover another country, and thus to live a short and intense experience. This is exactly what I lived in Portugal for less than a week and it left me with a taste that was incredibly sweet.


This small town in the north of Portugal and two hours from Santiago de Compostela, was the place chosen to do this emotional TC surrounded by nature, rain every day, humidity to stop a train, where it certainly reminded me of the Catalan sea and a calm, pleasant, relaxed and very chilled atmosphere that left me with back painless.


‘Please cut it as I like it-


‘Yes, a simple cut to the elegant part, Thanks.-‘

This fascinating TC that took us for six to visit our Portuguese neighbors was primarily designed to train us in the field of non-formal education, and how this, can give us ideas when implementing these techniques for young people, students of all ages and also in courses, in case you are organizers. A week full of surprises where unpredictable. A course focused on getting us thinking and being researchers as an Agatha Christie novel until we reach the goal that facilitators have prepared for us. It is one of those courses that leaves a great taste in your mouth and you don’t know why, but you would repeat it again.

Through very participatory activities where we were all one team and where the thought and the collective structure were essential and necessary to carry out all the tasks.

Creating cities, talking about politics openly, respectfully, making word games, interacting with one another, and creating games was one of the most acclaimed activities.

During that week in a way that was as elegant and seemingly as simple as Chanel’s summer dresses, they led us to see a part of non-formal education that perhaps had not yet fallen, and which, I consider, very necessary for to be able to extract the maximum of its students.

At the end of the week, as a magical team, we ended this whole fabulous scene lived with a black Rioja wine to remember that somehow, it is, in the background, happiness and tranquillity that makes us to live.

‘Cum Laude’ to the organizers.