The decision to start the project was a piece of cake. I’m not a person who overthink every decision for many days. If you started thinking about something, it means that you want to try. So, just try. Life is so easy.

I love the big cities and the opportunities they give me and in my case Barcelona was the perfect choice to start a new episode of my life (and believe me it’s better than Netflix, but I need to keep some secrets). You learn something everyday. But when you decide to become a volunteer and move to another country, you start to explore yourself. What can you discover? You have to check it yourself, but I promise you’ll be surprised.

Ok, so what do I do in Barcelona?

As a volunteer, I spend a lot of time in the office, which is located next to the port, 5 minutes from the popular La Rambla. My main tasks are designing marketing materials, such as posters, flyers, graphics for Social Media, multimedia presentations, etc. I also support projects organized by my foundation: youth exchanges or trainings, during which we host young people from all over Europe.

In addition, I organize events to promote mobility as part of Erasmus + projects. Such an event was the Short Movie Exhibition that took place in early December. I also helped during the production of a short documentary about the situation of immigrants in Barcelona. And in recent weeks I have prepared a film-collage about our foundation.

I try to spend my free time actively! Barcelona offers countless possibilities. It is a paradise for people who like to do sports outdoors: bike, rollerblading, running, yoga on the beach – everyone will find something for themselves. In the evenings, the residents of this city go out to meet friends, it’s the best time to try the famous tapas and listen to live music. Every day I could eat tortilla de patatas! I also like to explore the narrow streets of El Born, discover the secrets of Montjuic and hunt for crazy occasions at the flea market. Every day brings something new *.

*Let’s skip details about covid-19. I almost forgot about 2 months of the lockdown.