Plans that become alive

I knew almost nothing about Croatians a week before flying there for the first time. Actually, I wasn’t even aware I was about to make this trip couple of days before. I must admit, though, that volunteering had been a thing in my mind the last years: Sweden, Norway, no, no no, too cold!; Italy, no…; Greece? Maybe.

Years go by interrupted, and ideas and projects start piling up, as well as opportunities and decisions. It gives me comfort to think that I can’t do everything I’d like to, and everything I’d like to do is probably more than I could handle before I’d start missing my bed. The thing is, sometimes, be it due to perseverance or randomness, some of our plans become alive, and they become real in the shape of experience.

You could say, blushing, that this was the case of Sumartin. The scenario was the following: I had plenty of time and wanted to travel, I had – and still have- little amount of money, and the word volunteering appeared. The series took shape with a post Mohamed had published on Facebook. A couple of calls later, my friend Pablo had confirmed his availability to come with me. –I’ll skip all the bureaucratic procedure-.

In Sumartin, Brač island, 14 volunteers lived together for 14 days. We worked, we rested, we drank. I won’t go deep into what is obvious: we had a great time. After the trip? A shooting of emails from the organizers. They wondered if I felt more European after the experience. I don’t know, because I’ve never felt much from anywhere or anything, but I’m glad I had been there. Not only to confirm how easily and quickly home sheets gain value, but because now, when they ask me about Croatians, I can answer, with a bit of satisfaction: – Yes, I know a bit about them.

The following pictures were taken during the two weeks in Sumartin.









Fernando Mateos