Communication is a key tool in the society were we live. Communicate, talk, exchange, etc… any of these actions allows us to establish a link with another agent with whom we want to share an idea, thought or opinion. This exchange while working, whether verbal or written, enables networking among parties to join forces for a common purpose.

In fact, networking is very valuable in the third sector and the associative world. As Fundació Catalunya Voluntaria, we firmly believe that working with other entities makes us stronger and helps us have a greater positive impact on society. For this reason, joining  initiatives that promote goals achievements, resource sharing, and unifying capabilities has double benefits both individually and collectively.

As a matter of fact, FCV participated from the 17th to the 24th October in FRIENDS AT WORK, a project designated as a Partnership Building Activity (PBA) where 16 entities working in the field of European youth met in the city of Amarante, Portugal, in a magnificent environment.

The PBA was organized by the NGO Aventura Marao Club, a youth organization with many years of experience that precisely celebrated its 28th anniversary during the development of the project. As the name of the project suggests, the main goal was to build a network between the participating entities through training and leisure activities where we shared strategies, good practices and knowledge.

The seven-day project allowed all organizations to contribute their views in different perspectives of youth work under the umbrella of the ERASMUS + and European Solidarity Corps programs. Taking advantage of the new ERASMUS + guide, published by the European Commission for the next seven years (2021 – 2027), the PBA was a good opportunity to exchange concerns and questions as well as to learn about good practices used by other youth organizations. It is key to emphasize the amazing structure and coordination of the organizing entity, Aventura Marao Club, that fulfilled all the expectations and beyond. All organizations were able to enjoy a week of enriching activities and work in network: NGO market, visits to local partners, intercultural sessions, outdoor sports activities, etc.

We are grateful for all the effort and dedication both by the organizing entity and by the participating entities during the development of the project and we hope to put into practice all the learnings acquired during this week. And of course, we want to keep working in a network, together we are stronger!

17th – 24th October 2021