Exchange program in Palermo: Climate change

Between 13-21th of October 2021 we had the opportunity to participate in an exchange program supported by Erasmus+ in Palermo (Italy). We met people from Italy and Slovenia where we could share our cultures, languages, personal experiences, thoughts, dances, music and be a multicultural team.

It was amazing because we visited the city of Palermo and we enjoyed the views such as the Cattedrale di Palermo, the Mercato di Ballarò, the Quattro Canti, the Massimo Theater, the No Mafia Memorial, the port of the city and the beach Mondello.

In addition, we tried the most traditional foods such as Pizza for 4 euros!! Pasta alla Norma, Cannoli, ice-cream, brioche, and Arancine for an economical price! We have seen that they also use a lot of pistachios.

Example of a meme presented for the online campaign.

In parallel, we did a lot of activities to get to know each other and work on different topics related to climate change. We discussed and shared our knowledge with respect and we used our creativity to present the topics that we were working on in a creative way to make it more dynamic and enjoyable.

All these activities were necessary to acquire the basics of what is climate change, what we can do to foster a sustainable lifestyle in a non-informal way of learning and learning by doing. Hence, the resulting online campaigns were very creative: from memes for youngsters to dynamic stories for children. The campaigns promote European civic skills to turn the tide on climate change. 

We would like to thank Catalunya Voluntària, Human Rights Youth Organization, Georgia, Ángela, Abril and all the volunteers for their amazing job because we loved the experience. They made everything more enjoyable and closer. We will repeat the experience for sure!!!