Out in the open, a much-needed TC for people who are in a difficult situation and that probably would help them a lot.

Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”

Virginia Woolf

With this blunt categorical statement Virginia Woolf defined her personality, her unique thinking and her personal philosophy.  Woolf, in my view, is one of the best writers of universal literature. A lady with all the letters who revolutionized a century and a society as elitist and classicist as she reigned it at the time in the mighty United Kingdom.

Woolf was publicly known as feminist, bisexual, bipolar and often an advanced woman to her time. Among his works stand outdo; Mrs.  Dalloway, The Years, Al Faro, A cambra of its own, Tres Guineas, Orlando, Flush and a long list of works that marked a generation.

One day, talking to some friends, I heard my mobile device. I decided to note that it was the ringingbell, and ‘PUM’, an email in which I was informed that I had been selected to participate in a long-lasting TC in Riga (Latvia) on the LGBT+ movement for ten days in September. Without thinking about it, I accepted the proposal. In less than one month I was already there.

‘Out in the Open’, as the name suggests, was a TC focused outdoors, and I couldn’t love it more. A week where the collective, the friendship, the trust that included teamwork was totally necessary to be able to develop all the skills with maximum efficiency possible.

The activities that were prepared were several, achieving challenges, leading people to think collectively, together, always with the best values ahead of everything. Climbing a wall, crossing ropes tied two meters high, crossing rivers and passing through impossible places were some of these challenges.

Somehow, this TC, wanted to invite you to think how complicated can be for some people ‘the way out of the closet’, and how important it is to have people to help you, listen to you and provide support to you in times that they can be tough. A parallel between risky activities and life-threatening situations and helping personal reflection when it is necessary in a world like a century that is evolving at giant paces.

As the week was ongoing, after five days (Friday), we prepared some teenage activities from a middle school and high school located in Riga so that they could become aware of the LGBT world and together we could talk openly about this subject without taboos. Activity that was enriching in a post-Soviet society advancing at a speed that is difficult to assimilate.

The 21st century is beginning to bring very rapid changes  for  generations to come. The new generation will live in this changing world like no century in human history.

In December we will return, this time, but to make a more theoretical and not so practical study. I am more than excited to be able to carry out this second part of the TC that awaits me in this icy country that will give me a fresh air before the end of the year and at the same time to live a Christmas with the maximum possible intensity.

At the end of the week, among the youth team and trainers we decided to reflect on the week. And either I shared my feelings as well as my thoughts Respect Virginia Woolf, and like this week just as the writer had marked me.

I concluded that my emotions had been at full front as at the same time I had had the opportunity to get to know me a little more.

I’d be back, today, tomorrow and next year. A much-needed TC for people who are in a difficult situation and that probably would help them a lot.