European Union and non-governmental organisations are offering a lot of opportunities for youth – teenagers, students, recent graduates and all the young people interested in self-development, improving their knowledge, enhancing their proffesional path or interested in volunteering.

There are different programmes directed to specific age groups and aimed to support traditional form of education or traineeship but as well informal learning non-formal learning and soft competences.

1. Studying Abroad Opportunities

Erasmus+ programme: Studying abroad is a central part of Erasmus+ and has been shown to have a positive effect on later job prospects. It is also an opportunity to improve language skills, gain self-confidence and independence and immerse yourself in a new culture. Opportunities are available for students at Bachelor, Master or Doctoral levels. Find more information here.

2. Volunteering Opportunities

European Solidarity Corps: if you are between 18 and 30 years old and looking for an opportunity to help the wider community, in Europe and beyond – European Solidarity Corps can be something for you. There is variety of projects so you can choose the one close to your interests and profile. Participating in ESC is as well the chance to bring change while developing your skills and competences. Find more details here.

EU Aid Volunteers: Millions of people around the world are affected by crises and natural disasters. The EU and its Member States is among the leading donors of humanitarian aid in the world.
Humanitarian assistance is provided to the people hit by man-made and natural disasters with particular attention to the most vulnerable victims. Participants in the EU Aid Volunteers initiative must be over 18 years and be a citizen of an EU Member State or a long-term resident in the EU. More information here.

UN Youth Volunteers: UN Youth Volunteers are between 18 and 29 years old, and work with UN agencies on the frontlines of political, developmental and humanitarian operations. As a UN Youth Volunteer, you will help advance peace and sustainable development either in your own country or in another country around the globe. You will help people to lead healthier and safer lives and communities to be able to better address present and future challenges. More details.

3. Traineeships Opportunities

In terms of training – there are a lot of different actions for students and recent graduates. You can search for short term trainings (e.g. lasting 1 week), internships that last few months or even a full year.

Erasmus+ supports traineeships (work placements, internships, etc) abroad for students currently enrolled in higher education institutions in Programme countries at Bachelor and Master level as well as for doctoral candidates. These opportunities are also open to recent graduates. Find more information here.

4. Working Opportunities

Eures: Launched in 1994, EURES is a European cooperation network of employment services, designed to facilitate the free movement of workers. The network has always worked hard to ensure that European citizens can benefit from the same opportunities, despite language barriers, cultural differences, bureaucratic challenges, diverse employment laws and a lack of recognition of educational certificates across Europe. You can search for the job opportunities in the member and partner countries of European Union here.

If you are interested in participation in one of the programmes mentioned above or to find out about different opportunities that are carried out by our fundació, don’t hesitate to check our website and get in touch with us.