My EVS in S&G was probably the shortest one ever, just one week, when it was expected to be almost two months.

When I made the decision of coming back to my country (Spain), it was not easy, because my days in Turkey were being just wonderful. I discovered a completely new culture; by tasting different food, meeting local people as well as foreigners, learning some words in Turkish…

And the most important thing, I was being a volunteer for the first time in my life, and I loved it, the activities, how I felt doing them and the things I was learning, my mates (Roque, Viktor Baba, Gabriele…), etc…

This coronavirus, which is hitting up the whole world, interrupted my experience in Turkey, but it left me a willing of wanting to come back to this incredible country, to do another volunteering project, and of course it gave me a lot of learning and good feelings.

This has been a short but funny adventure that I am sure I’ll remember forever.