• Breaking chains: LGBTQI+

    He had plans but life happens, Time is as fleeting as a scent that throws you without warning. What is written on our faces will eventually be realized? When our wings melt, we fall pocketless into our graves. He taught me the radio song And asked me to sing it

  • Internship abroad, an experience to live!

    Once you finish your studies, you close a very important stage of your life. Suddenly and without too much direction, the exciting and at the same time uncertain journey of looking for a job begins. Each person experiences it in a different way, since it is an individual process and

  • Online education – to be or not to be?

    I am writing this article with the aim of preventing the formal and non-formal educational sectors from the temptation to substitute face-to-face education for online education, due to its limitations, and, meanwhile, to recognize the unique value of non-formal methodology for comprehensive, useful and inclusive learning in any post-pandemic educational

  • POLCAT: Polish adventure in Barcelona

    The decision to start the project was a piece of cake. I’m not a person who overthink every decision for many days. If you started thinking about something, it means that you want to try. So, just try. Life is so easy. I love the big cities and the opportunities

  • What will bring us an European training?

    ‘Water is a message from the universe’ Masaru Emoto Masaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist known for his controversial claims that words, sentences, sounds, and thoughts directed toward a volume of water would influence the shape of ice crystals obtained from it. According to Emoto, the aesthetic appearance of crystals

  • Benefits of participating in a youth exchange

    Hello everyone! I am Lorena and I have been working for 7 years at the FCV. Taking the opportunity to clean up during these days of confinement, I found a promotional brochure of the second youth exchange in which I participated, now 12 years ago!, which made me reflect on

  • Which things you can learn during a local volunteering?

    Darwin’s theory has taught us throughout history that evolution depends on the law of the fittest. However, there are many authors and biologists who discuss this theory: survival does not depend on the strongest, but on cooperation between equals. The theory of cooperation as a key element for evolution has

  • Life is a set of rites of passage

    There is something that impressed me in the trip to the United Kingdom to complete a rites of passage project. The place itself is near Wales, between Stroud and Gloucester (pronounced as Glouster), called ‘Asha Center’. At the beginning of everything, long before I set foot in Asha, there was

  • Experience in Xylokastro

    Hi, how are you? My name is Pilar, and since the beginning of January 2020 I am volunteering in a village in Greece called Xylokastro. The day of the trip I felt a little nervous because I had not travelled much outside of Spain and I did not know very

  • Good harmony in Ankara

    Merhaba! I am Roque, I am 27 years old from Spain. I arrived in Turkey, Ankara, one week before Corona started to change the life of the country, the 7th of march. The first week was perfect, I met a lot of people from different countries and a lot of

  • The perpetual Sunday

    How many times have we dreamed of freezing a moment? How many times do we wish we had time to rest and heal our nerves from all the daily traffic jams on the road? I don’t exercise because I don’t have time, I don’t cook because I don’t have time,

  • One week as volunteer

    My EVS in S&G was probably the shortest one ever, just one week, when it was expected to be almost two months. When I made the decision of coming back to my country (Spain), it was not easy, because my days in Turkey were being just wonderful. I discovered a

  • Positively Different film festival in Athens

    Hi everyone! I am Sandra. About 8 months ago, I became involved with the FCV, helping out with the translation of contents for their website, and just before Christmas they asked me if I wanted to join a project called “Through the Lens of the Other” (TLO), led by the

  • Let’s continue European Union

    Today May 9th, is Europe Day, a day that commemorates the peace and unity of the European continent. That same day, 70 years ago, Schuman’s declaration marked the beginning of what we currently now know as the European Union. Taking advantage of this day of European pride, European institutions, located

  • From all the adventures you learn

    From all adventures, one learns, but even more from the precipitous; of those, we allow ourselves without knowing anything else that will awaken something inside us. From the 7th till the 15th march, Fátima, Ghizlan, Enric, Joan, and Ainhoa ​​dared to challenge their limits and, thanks to ‘Fundació Catalunya Voluntària’,