• We identify good practises: Cards of the neighbourhoods

    When we think about tourism, we always picture far away cities, landscapes and environment. But most of the times, we miss knowing better what is going around us at a local level. We would like to introduce one of our best practices as a way to discover your city in

  • Opportunities offered by European Union for young people

    European Union and non-governmental organisations are offering a lot of opportunities for youth – teenagers, students, recent graduates and all the young people interested in self-development, improving their knowledge, enhancing their proffesional path or interested in volunteering. There are different programmes directed to specific age groups and aimed to support

  • ‘Education for Diversity’ Online training for teachers

    On May 19, the FCV organizes a 90-minute online training dedicated to teachers, psychologists and tutors of students from the ‘Joan Coromines’ secondary school institute, located in the neighborhood of Hostafrancs (Barcelona), where the FCV and Artixoc are carrying out workshops and activities using theater and non-formal activities as the

  • Career-Opportunities-in-Agriculture

    Internships in the agricultural sector and much more

    From 9 to 29 May, the Fundació Catalunya Voluntaria will host in Vilanova y la Geltrú, and around the county of Garraf, a practical internship activity titled ‘Career Opportunities in Agriculture’. Its objective is to know the work carried out by companies and organizations of the ecological agriculture, farming, livestock

  • ‘Fridays for Advocacy’ first session it’s done!

    The FCV holds the first session of the international training ‘Fridays for Advocacy’, an initiative of the international network Inter Alia. The objective of the session was to understand the important role that youth organizations and young people can play as leaders of public advocacy actions, useful to draw attention

  • One year later, TLN Mobilicat

    It is difficult to describe in a single word this past year 2020. In fact, it has been a strange year where emotions, feelings and fears have occupied each and every day. At this point I think that we all agree on something; 2020 has not been an easy year.

  • How does it feel to realise your dreams

    It’s already March – primavera is in the air, the days are longer. It’s been already four months of my ESC project in Fundacio Catalunya Voluntaria. For me it’s the time to make a small evaluation. So how does it feel to be abroad, to make such a life change?

  • Do you want to advocate for change?

    Participating in society goes far beyond voting in elections, and there are many paths that can be taken and things that can be done in order to advance the improvement of society.  One of these paths is that of advocacy. Advocate means influencing the creation of the changes that society

  • Volunteering in times of pandemic: What a great opportunity!

    We spend our lives planning our days and making long-term plans. But sometimes the most unexpected surprises you, and in the best way. Something like that happened to me three months ago. Let’s get situated: the year is 2020, there is a pandemic (I think), and we are all in

  • The FCV, selected to carry out the workshops’ What is a campaign?’

    This original FCV proposal has been selected to be part of the training offer of the ‘Educate in diversity’ initiative, organized by the European Institute of the Mediterranean in collaboration with the Secretariat for Migration and Citizenship of the Catalan Government and the Terrassa City Council. The FCV will carry

  • The FCV and Artixoc will carry out the workshops ‘Turn your back on violence’

    FCV and Artixoc have been selected to carry out an innovative training activity with the aim of promoting coexistence, interculturality and responsible citizenship among young people and teenagers. The initiative will be carried out in a particularly complex educational center in our district (Sants-Montjuïc), in Barcelona, and, once completed, its

  • ‘Reality phase’ on your ESC

    Do you know the phases of love theory? First it is a strong fascination and only positive emotions and in the next phase, you start to see your lover in more realistic colours – you discover their bad habits or some things that annoy you. It is very similar with

  • Marking trends about Refuge and Migration

    Dates and place: The one-day event will take place on Thursday, June 17, 2021 in Barcelona. Promoter organizations: we are 7 non-governmental entities in total, members of the Spanish network of the Anna Lindh Foundation-REFAL in Catalonia: ArtiXoc, Irenia-Jocs de Pau, Creart Association, Mescladís Association, Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya,

  • Spread the Game -Gamification and Inclusion

    The concept of gamification has become and its use outside work environment has become more popular in the last years. But what is gamification and what does it consist of? Gamification is the incorporation of elements related to the game in daily tasks, thus allowing to develop motivation, creativity, versatility,

  • Youth exchange The Power of Theatre

    The FCV has received the support of the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission to coordinate the youth exchange ‘The Power of Theater’. The FCV will host the first week of July 2021 the youth exchange ‘The Power of Theatre’. The activity will take place in a rural environment in