• Volunteering in Poland Cross-border education, culture and entrepreneurship

    Hi, my name is Lina, I‘m 27 years old and I’m from Barcelona, ​​Spain. I chose volunteering in Poland and this project because in the trajectory of my life I have always volunteered, and these experiences have helped me grow as a person and develop my skills. Also, I had

  • Youth Exchange: The Power of Theatre

    Theatre and learning in the Catalan pre-Pyrenees Organizing, hosting and coordinating an International mobility project is always a challenge. Fundació Catalunya Voluntària is not only a challenge but a huge il-lusió where a lot working hours gave their result on creating learning spaces to share culture, knowledge i different perspectives.

  • Youth Exchange “From Pollution 2 Inclusion”

    Youth Exchange “From Pollution 2 Inclusion” 26th of July to 3rd of August, 2021 Krusevac, Serbia The Project was already a challenge even before starting. There was a problem in the plane that was bringing us to Belgrad so we had to land back and wait for another plane. This

  • It is not possible to talk about peace processes without a feminist perspective

    Movaneba is the ability to preserve a moment of peace inside, the ability to retain a feeling of well-being in a lasting way. In this sense, Georgia has surprised and dazzled us with its singularities in the words, traditions and landscapes of it. But above all, Georgia has given us

  • Preparing CV for European Solidarity Corps projects

    European Solidarity Corps is a programme managed by the European Commission. It offers volunteering opportunities (2-12 months) in the European Union and partner countries for the participants in the age between 18 and 30 years old in the different fields connected with culture, citizenship, education, ecology and social works. Read

  • Gamification as Tool of Social Inclusion

    Gamification is a relatively new format of teaching and training with a capacity to become one of the most important tools in the future. It is proven that people learn new information much better if they are having fun during the process. Also it can be a very helpful instrument

  • When a High School classroom becomes a theater play

    Fundació Catalunya Voluntaria and Artixoc, with the support of the Spanish network of the Anna Lindh Foundation, carry out the workshops ‘Turn your back on violence’ in a High School class and playground. Playgrounds are the place where children and teenagers dream, play, grow and take a rest from their

  • Learning results

    Learning results ‘Career Opportunities in Agriculture’ A month ago now, the group of students and teachers from the ‘Vasil Levski’ Professional School of Agriculture in Parvomay (Bulgaria) returned to their country, after having lived 3 intense weeks in Vilanova y la Geltrú (Barcelona), happy to have participated in the activity

  • Professions of the future

    The FCV is pleased to announce that from August 21st to September 7th we are once again hosting an international internship activity ‘European Career for Professions with Future’ for students of a professional training center, with the participation of 32 young people, who will gain the experience of an internships

  • Marking Trends, Refuge and Migrations

    According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), a migrant is any person who moves, or has moved, across an international border or within a country, far away from his or her usual place of residence, regardless of his/her legal status, voluntary or involuntary nature of the displacement or causes

  • What’s new in ESC!

    With the implementation of the ESC (European Solidarity Corps), come the novelties of the new programme. The new guide has been in our hands since the beginning of May, and we want to present you some of the updates! As some of you will already know, the ESC (previously part

  • Find your motivation

    How to find your motivation? Wherever you are applying for a job, an internship or a voluntary service – it is always crucial to identify your needs and the real, indistinct motivation. Why do you want to apply for this, particular position? What motivates you? Do you have the skills

  • Results Erasmus+ VET ‘Career Opportunities in the primary sector’

    From May 9 to 29, the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària has hosted the project of Erasmus+ VET titled ‘Career Opportunities in Agriculture’,  an internship experience which results from an agreement with the ‘Vasil Levski’ Professional School of Agriculture, of Parvomay, implemented in partnership with the NGO Center for European Initiatives ‘Stara

  • FCV part of the network APROVE

    One of the joys of international mobility with APROVE Association (Association for the Support of European Volunteering Projects) and other organizations is meeting with colleagues from different corners of the country, and being able to chat, contrast experience and share anecdotes and advices. It is from these meetings that the

  • Benefits of non-formal and informal learning in your professional life

    We are all recognizing the formal ways of learning – structured, taught by teachers and proffesors at schools, universities or courses. Those educational institutions are giving us theoretical and practical knowledge about particular topics and are developing our ‘hard competences’ (e.g. learning data and administrative skills). However, there are also