• FCV will host the international seminar “Youth Leadership for Advocacy”

    Fundació Catalunya Voluntària is happy to share good news: we have received the support of the Erasmus+ Program of the European Commission to organize and carry out the training activity for youth workers ‘Youth Leadership for Advocacy’, which It will take place in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona) in April/May

  • Forum to promote the validation of the skills of volunteers

    On December 1st, the FCV participated in the ‘Contributing value to volunteering. Skills recognition’ forum, dedicated to knowing tools for the identification, development, recognition and validation of the skills earned by volunteering. The conference was organized by the “Plena Inclusión Madrid” organization, a federation of entities that support people with

  • The FCV commitment to the SDGs

    The 25th September 2015, the General Assembly of the United Nations approved the 2030 Agenda with the objective of eradicating poverty, fighting against inequality and injustice, and combating climate change among other purposes. This agenda, together with other agreements such as the Paris Accords, set up the route to pursue

  • I’m going for European volunteering in Barcelona!

    Imagine…it’s  the middle of pandemia, television is making you scared and a bit ‘pandemy-maniac’. What do you do then? Go for ESC – European volunteering in Barcelona! Sounds crazy?  Not as crazy if you think about it longer and deeper. My thought was: ‘Even if I can’t meet many people,

  • Is there life beyond the EU funds?

    A few months before the end of the Erasmus + program of the European Commission, the time has come to look back and analyze which elements would be good to preserve and which would be preferable to change in future Youth Community action programs. At FCV we consider the Erasmus

  • ESC in Barcelona – Covid Edition

    Have you ever heard about European Solidarity Corps projects? Or maybe…have you ever think about becoming an ESC volunteer? Probably yes! It’s an amazing opportunity to gain new experiences, to meet open-minded people, to learn languages, to live abroad and see many new places. What is more, this opportunity builds

  • Supportive environment for students with special educational needs

    We are pleased to share the results of the evaluation carried out by the group of teachers of the vocational training center that participated, from September 1 to 8, in the international study visit ‘The Barcelona model in establishing a supportive environment for working with students with special educational needs’,

  • Have you heard about 360º Education Alliance?

    It is a proposal from Jaume Bofill Foundation, Barcelona Provincial Council and the Federation of Pedagogical Renewal Movements that defends and promotes an idea: education is a fundamental right that all people should be able to enjoy beyond school. The 360º Education Alliance is made up of a good number of municipalities,

  • Study Visit with teachers in Barcelona

    In the current situation marked by the pandemic, despite the obstacles and limitations that exist for the organization of face-to-face activities and for international mobility, we are pleased to inform you that, from September 1 to 8, the FCV hosted the international study visit ‘ The Barcelona model in establishing

  • Rites of Passage: Strengthening Our Communities

    Since always I have had the curiosity and motivation to live new experiences in order to know more about myself and everything around me. Driven by this motivation I had the pleasure to be involved in the Erasmus+ Training Course called “Rites of Passage: Strengthening Our Communities” held in the

  • FCV takes part at the “Volunteering Summer School”

    From July the 28th till the 30th, the 21st Volunteering Summer School took part, for the first time in an online format version for obvious reasons that everybody knows. The sessions were dedicated to current issues and, from a practical point of view, helped us to reflect on issues that

  • Fighting for the future and sustainability of the youth work sector in Europe

    The FCV will soon present the results of the European campaign for the recognition of youth work, carried out by the international network of entities Inter Alia, based in Athens, and composed of entities from Greece, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, Serbia, Germany, Northern Macedonia,

  • Online forum on the challenges for youth participation in Eastern Europe

    The FCV participated in the ‘Youth Engagement Summit’, an international forum that took place online on 2 and 3 July dedicated to the challenges for the participation of young people in their societies. The meeting, held with the support of the EU4Youth program of the European Commission, was attended by

  • How delicous is trying food from around the world!

    Hi, I am Anna, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Barcelona. Thanks to Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, I am working as a volunteer at CAT foundation in Leszno, Poland. Although I left with great enthusiasm in the suitcase, I also left room for fears and doubts, but it has been

  • 10 reasons to do a European Volunteering

    Are you thinking of doing a European volunteer service? If so, congratulations, you have made one of the best decisions of your life! Are you thinking of doing it, but you are not entirely sure or safe? Do not worry, from the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària we have prepared for you,