• Video “Move to Learn!”

    The FCV presents the video Move to Learn! Here is a brief summary of the experiences of some of the people who have participated during the year 2016 in international mobility projects, such as: European Voluntary Service, Trainings and Youth Exchanges. The video has been edited with the intention to

  • A journey of a Serbian girl through Barcelona (Christmas Edition)

    I am four months in, and my EVS experience has already turned out to be the best life decision I have ever made. In these past few months there were a lot of setbacks, I am not going to lie. I had phases of feeling down, unmotivated and without energy

  • Minorities as Opportunity and Occasion for Chrysalis-MOOC

    15 organizations from 7 countries work together to create new online courses for professionals The first international meeting of the European project of cooperation and exchange of good practices “Minorities as opportunity and occasion for chrysalis-MOOC” was held on 23 and 24 January in Palermo (Sicily). This 2-year project aims

  • First pre departure training of the year!

    Aïda, Judith and Oriol are the first volunteers to go on a new adventure as European Volunteers within the Erasmus+ program: European Voluntary Service –EVS of the European Commission. Months full of experiences, emotions and learning in France, Finland and Lithuania are waiting for them. Yesterdays’ training served to solve

  • Choosing between more than 350 applications

    6th ToT Understanding and Working with Conflict Selection process for the 6th edition of the Training of Trainers ‘Understanding and Working with Conflict’ is done. This year we had an exceptional pool of applications to choose from, which made the selection process much more difficult. More than 350 young people

  • Training course in Greece

    On the 15th of August we boarded towards Thessaloniki, the first stop of our trip, with our suitcases full of enthusiasm and eagerness. At a first glance, Thessaloniki seems very far from any other renowned European city, but it stands out because of its ruins, churches and coffee shops you

  • My home is your home

    When we set out on our trip to Sicily, we asked ourselves “How beautiful is the island going to be?” or, as one of us said, “How are people going to welcome us?”. Of course, more than one of us has some kind of basic knowledge about the island: some

  • My experience in Szczecin

    The cultural project Multikulti, organized by the hosting organization Stowarzysznie POLITES, consists in giving ludic, educational and social support to children, who were divided into two groups according to their age, during summer holidays. In the project participated 10 volunteers from various European countries (Hungary, Greece, Romania, Italy and Spain).

  • Youth Exchange “Be a Healthy Youth”

    It wasn’t my first time in Cluj, so arriving there on a cold February day, in the middle of the night, wasn’t such a big shock. I arrived a couple of days before the Exchange started, just to charge the energy and be on fire on Monday to start with

  • EVS in Sweden

    An EVS can be the best experience of your life. I was sure of it when, two years ago, I discovered what the EVS was. I remember that when I found out what it was about, I was very excited at the idea to start and find a project and

  • An enriching experience in Kaunas natural park

    It’s not often that you’re offered the opportunity to work in and be part of an institution such as a natural park. Mi EVS in this field takes place in Kaunas, the Lithuanian city where, for 6 months, I was able to live firsthand how the administration, direction and organization

  • Here you never stop!

    At this point of the project I have to say I was lucky. I wanted to do an EVS because I wanted new challenges, I wanted to adapt to a new environment and, by doing this, getting to know myself better. I decide to go to Czech Republic exactly because

  • A year after my EVS experience

    I’m Nayara, I’m 22 and one year ago I undertook my EVS in Poland, in a project called Multikulti. The goal of the project was to teach and learn about the culture of the people that were there, as well as teach and learn from the children we were tutoring.

  • Volunteering for Social Change

    From the 7th to the 10th of November took place the 24th IAVE World Conference, organized by IAVE, the Mexican Centre of Philanthropy – CEMEFI and Amevol. Once every two years the conference becomes the main meeting point for NGOs and volunteering associations leaders, volunteers, company managers, governments (yes, that’s

  • A letter to ASHA

    I remember the first day I arrived here for a training course. I went down the stairs of the kitchen and I saw Clara through the glass, drying the dishes. I entered the kitchen and I started to speak with her. A few days later I remember entering again and