• Mid-term Evaluation Training in Mollina

    My name is Rebecca and if you have read my previous article, you might know that I am from Armenia and I am doing European Voluntary Service in Fundacio Catalunya Voluntaria. So, for being an EVS volunteer, you are invited to participate in a mid-term training to reflect on your

  • Results of the workshops “Toolbox for Active Volunteering”

    On the 14th, 21st and 28th of June at Casa del Mar, FCV implemented the first, 12-hour-long series of workshops “Toolbox fro Active Volunteering” dedicated to Catalan non-profit and volunteering organizations. The program was adapted to the small number of participants, who got to know the methodological and educational tools

  • My experience in Szczecin with the EVS program

    In 2015 I had the opportunity to participate in the European Voluntary Service in the framework of the Erasmus+ program as a short-term volunteer for two months, July and August. The cultural project, which was called “MultiKulti” and was organized by the hosting and coordinating organization Stowarzyszenie POLITES consisted in giving playful,

  • Second pre-departure training of the year!

    On Monday 13th of June, FCV organized a pre-departure training with the future volunteers that soon will start their European Voluntary Service projects in various countries, such as Latvia, Poland and Bulgaria. During the training the participants got to know other youngsters who in their same situation, they were able

  • Presentation of the digital tool “Learning-Curve”

    On the 30th of June, at the headquarters of Lafede – Federació d’Organitzacions per la Justícia Global FCV presented the initiative of cooperation for the innovation and exchange of good practices “Youth impact: strengthening the organizational capabilities to build peace in Europe” carried out with the support of  the Erasmus+ program of

  • Get Inspired: training course in the UK

    The three of us – Fatima, Uri and Quim – meet at Barcelona airport headed towards Birmingham. After a some quite funny episodes, typical of distracted people, at night we managed to arrive to the Asha Centre, where we joined Marta: the team of FCV was finally reunited. You need to

  • The “Youth Impact for Peace” research is now available

    Is now available the international research “Youth Impact for Peace”, aimed at providing a solid base for understanding which practices are used by 6 non-profit and non-governmental organizations. They are formed by young people and develop educational programs at international level in the fields of peace education, non-formal and intercultural

  • Peace is also an individual choice

    Between the 30th of March and the 7th of April we participated in the training course “Youth Lead Peacebuilding Initiatives” in the tiny village Misaktsieli, in Georgia. During the 8 days of the training, that was organized by the Polish organization “Fundacja Bratniak” and coordinated by the Georgian organization “Academy

  • Resilience and loneliness

    It’s difficult for me to explain my personal experience in Bytów. I arrived in Poland on the 1st day of October and, since then, it never ceased to amaze me. Bytów is a small town in the north of Poland, almost on the coast of the Baltic sea and two

  • 1 Hour in Armenia

    Rebecca Hovhannisyan, the European Voluntary Service volunteer from Armenia here in the FCV, organized, in partnership with ACAB – Armenian Cultural Association of Barcelona, the semi-formal event “1 Hour in Armenia”. During the event, she introduced us to Armenian culture by providing general information about the country and stating the reasons

  • Toolbox for Active Volunteering

    Dear colleagues, Fundació Catalunya Voluntària invites you to participate in a series of workshops for the creation of the Toolbox for Active Volunteering. Since its beginning and throughout its history, FCV has always carried out programs and actions aimed at supporting young people who want to participate in voluntary actions.

  • FCV hosts the youth exchange “Empowering for Change”

    From the 23rd to the 30th of August 2016, FCV will organize the youth exchange “Empowering for Change”. The exchange will take place in the coastal town of Molí de Mar, in the Light Tower beach of Vilanova i la Geltrú and will be attended by 21 young people from

  • My experience in the FCV

    Not so long ago I finished my internship in Fundació Catalunya Voluntària. It was my first working experience abroad and I brought home with me so many experiences and new and important impressions. The internship was part of my master degree in “Educación Intercultural, Migración y Plurilingualidad” in Germany and

  • From Peace To Policy

    United Network of Young Peacebuilders – UNOY, in partnership with European Youth Foundation, hosted from 7-14th March in The Hague, The Netherlands, a training course for building capacities of young peacebuilders willing to get engaged in advocacy and advocate for the cause of Youth, Peace and Security at European level. As

  • Volunteering for Peace in Barcelona

    Hola!!! El meu nom és Rebecca. That is what I am able to say and write in Catalan, therefore, I will continue writing in English and sharing an overview of my EVS-European Voluntary Service in Barcelona with Fundació Catalunya Voluntària. My name is Rebecca and I am from Armenia: a