• My EVS experience in Beja

    My name is Marta, I’m from Barcelona and I’m 29 years old. Before starting the adventure in Portugal, I was a little bit nervous, I wondered what the group would be like, if it would fit in with him and I also had doubts about if I could understand with my

  • One of the best experiences of my life

    Barcelona, ​​January 2018 Now just about a year ago a friend told me about what an EVS was, it was totally unknown to me, but without thinking too much I decided to go to a meeting at the FCV, (I thought … “You really do not lose anything for listen,

  • I never expected that my life would changed so much!

    My first impressions about the EVS are that they can totally change your life and change you as a person. In a moment of doubt in my life without knowing exactly what to do after finishing my studies in marine sciences, I found by chance on the part of my

  • Volunteering for Change -Specific results

    FCV have a solid experience in coordinating and organizing non-formal educational activities focusing on topics like volunteering, intercultural learning and culture of peace. Besides evaluating the degree of satisfaction with the main elements of the seminar and achievement of objectives, FCV also tries to assess some specific competences linked to

  • Filmmaking while volunteering

    Hello, I’m Alican, a volunteer filmmaker. After experiencing 9 years in film industry field I decided to become a volunteer and apply for volunteering project about video and, luckily, I got selected by the Fundació Catalunya Voluntaria in Barcelona. The name of the project is “Participatory Video as a Tool

  • FCV takes part in the XIX State Volunteering Congress in Seville

    On November 22nd and 23rd, the most relevant annual state congress dedicated to volunteering took place, this time at the Seville Conference Center, under the title ‘Adding willingnesses’. With more than 1400 participants, more than 150 volunteering organizations from all over Spain, mostly of a social nature, and with a

  • Mindfulness Workshops as a part of my EVS Project

    In 1st April 2017, I started to do my EVS project in Spain/Barcelona with Fundació Catalunya Voluntària. The project that I would take part was called as “Volunteering for Peace” on topics such as peace education, peace building and conflict transformation. My main task was to contribute with my interests,

  • Celebrating 10 years!

    Yesterday, November 19th, we celebrated the 10 years of action of the FCV. With the weather in our favor, we enjoyed a very full day at the Molí de Mar, in Vilanova and la Geltrú. More than thirty people – former volunteers, collaborators, participants and friends – met with us

  • Online campaign #volstories

    Today is the International Volunteering Day! Slowly we are closing the year 2017. It is a time for conclusions and reflections on previous years and good things that have happened to us and the others. It is also an amazing opportunity to share stories with the world about what the volunteers

  • Objectives fulfilled with good scores!

    FCV has a long track record of organizing educational activities in association with organisations from different countries. When it comes to accountability and impact, it is important that all entities know, share and achieve clear objectives and, therefore, practice reflection and exchange of opinions about the established objectives well in

  • Volunteering -Engine for change

    From November 3 to 10 the FCV hosted the international seminar ‘Volunteering for Change’, which was attended by 22 youth workers and volunteers. Adding, they represented a total of 13 non-profit organizations and volunteers from Hungary, Romania, Greece, Latvia, Bulgaria, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Catalonia, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Estonia

  • Event for experienced EVS organizations

    The FCV participated from the 20th to 22nd of October in the 1st meeting of organizations with experience in the European Voluntary Service -SVE, in Alicante. Event organized by the Spanish National Agency in collaboration with Ágora Cultura. The meeting brought together 48 participants representing different organizations of the Spanish

  • Volunteering for Change- International Seminar

    From the 3th to the 10th of November, Fundació Catalunya Voluntària (FCV), will host the international seminar ‘Volunteering for Change’. 26 representatives of 14 non-profit and voluntary based organizations, which FCV collaborates with and with a long trajectory in developing international volunteering, will meet in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona).

  • 30th Erasmus anniversary!

    From the 27th to 30th September the FCV participated in the event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus program, now Erasmus+, which took place in Murcia and was organized by the Spanish National Agency -ANE in collaboration with the delegation of the ANE in Murcia. The event brought

  • FCV is growing up !

    Next month FCV will be celebrating its 10 years anniversary! That’s right, it has already been 10 years since the Foundation was created! Of course you are inviting to join the party: let’s meet in Vilanova i la Geltrú on 19th November to discover how far we’ve come since 2007, what