• Sighisoara Multilingva

    Hello, my name is Daniel Casado, I am in Sighisoara participating in this incredible project. In Sighisoara Multilingva we are 5 people, three Italians and two Spaniards. We are responsible for teaching Italian and Spanish courses to the community and to other volunteers. I am very glad to have come

  • Andrei at the EVS mid-term

    The recent EVS meeting in Mollina was a good occasion to take a break from the work at FCV and hectic life of Barcelona, to take look back at what happened so far in the program and to sense what could/should happen in the second half of the project and

  • Unique experience

    I encourage everyone who has the opportunity to do an EVS. It is a unique experience that changes your life and the way you see things. Besides, it’s a good opportunity to go away from home, it’s like being independent in a way, you live alone, you have to manage

  • FCV at the V National Conference of Volunteering in Peru

    The FCV has been invited to participate in the V National Conference of Volunteering in Lima, Peru, organized by the National Centre of Volunteering – CENAVOL. CENAVOL celebrates this year it’s 15 years, being the topic of the conference ‘Transforming Volunteering and development policies’. In said conference, that will take

  • Who could say it?

    I’m in the middle of my EVS experience and I would never have said that I would now find myself in this situation. I am considering staying until the project is over and then, looking for work related to my studies. I have adapted very well and I like the

  • On-arrival training in Toledo!

    I didn’t have any expectations about on-arrival training. I wasn’t excited nor scared. Maybe because since I arrived to Spain, my life has changed so much that I have decided to be open for experiencing new things without unnecessary analysis. The journey started at the train station in Toledo. Two

  • Visit in Vienna-MOOC

    From 2nd to 7th July, the organization Südwind has hosted one of the study visits being carried out in the framework of the MOOC project in Vienna, Austria. The visit has brought together representatives of the partner organizations Comune di Roma, Universidade de Aveiro, Fundació Ficat, Casa da Juventude de Amarante and Associazione InformaGiovani. The

  • My first month in Barcelona

    Hello, I’m  Alican Abaci, I’m 26 years old and I’m coming from Turkey. I grew up in Istanbul but I have been living in Antalya last 8 years, where  I got my 2 bachelor degrees: on Cinema&Tv and on Sociology. On the last 10 years, I have been working in

  • End of a journey of the Serbian girl in Barcelona

    Here we are. At the end of this journey. I still can’t believe how it all went so quickly and so slowly at the same time. Nine incredible, difficult, and everything in between, amazing, frustrating at times,  but mostly happy and inspiring months have passed, and I am not the

  • First Days in Barcelona to Start my EVS Adventure

    My first trip to Europe was almost three years ago and I had a chance to visit the north of Spain and to see the ocean for the first time. However, since my time was limited and I wanted to spend more than just a couple of days in Barcelona,

  • Our way through Asha

    It is difficult to summarize in a few lines what Asha Center gave us during our stay in its beautiful places. Between tulips and good friends, we learned the meaning of being willing, of helping disinterestedly, of believing in a better world; And to do something about it. Each member

  • Contact making event: EVS Power

    On the whole I can say that the experience stood up to most of my expectations. The organization did a good job with the contents, the logistics of the venue and choosing the trainer (Aleksandrs) a.k.a. person in charge on delivering all the information. I want to highlight his role,

  • Mustard coloured leaves

    I don’t have words to explain my experience throughout this year. I search for so many ways to define what I have felt, smelled, heard and touched, that even if I wanted it wouldn’t be enough, as I have not enough vocabulary to explain how I have lived. I feel

  • On-arrival training in Benicassim for Andrei

    The training took place in from Monday 27th until Saturday 1st of April and brought together 25 volunteers from the Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia autonomous regions. The objectives of the gathering were to introduce the volunteers to the specificities of host country and the regions where they live and to

  • European Conference ‘Partnering for Impact’

    The European Conference on Corporate Volunteering ‘Partnering for Impact’, organized by the International Association for Volunteer Effort-IAVE, was held in Madrid on May 7 and 8 with the collaboration of the Fundación Bancaria La Caixa, Voluntare and Fundación Telefónica, welcoming at its headquarters in Madrid’s Gran Vía about a hundred