On November 11, the info session of the ‘Fine Arts for FINE Learning’ initiative will take place at 5:00 p.m., a winning project of the call for innovation and promotion of creativity in the field of youth, launched by the European Commission to face the crisis situation as a result

  • The passion I found in Barcelona

    One day while I was in Barcelona I heard from some friends, that before the pandemia they often were going to dance Forro that is (they explained) a brazilian dance, that looks like salsa. I wanted to try, so after kindly pressuring them, they decided to go with me to

  • Partnership Building Activity – Amarante, Portugal

    Communication is a key tool in the society were we live. Communicate, talk, exchange, etc… any of these actions allows us to establish a link with another agent with whom we want to share an idea, thought or opinion. This exchange while working, whether verbal or written, enables networking among

  • Gamification in Slovenia

    Our project ‘Spread the Game’ continues! This time in Celje (Slovenia) hosted by our partner MCC – Celje Youth Center. Although the Mediterranean had to deal with the cold autumn of Celje, this didn’t prevent the participants to enjoy different activities in the city. Getting to know better the facilities

  • The smell of chestnuts

    It is one year already! I have been a European Solidarity Corps volunteer for 12 months and my project is coming to an end. How was it? What happened during these months? Let me invite you to join me on this sentimental journey… I remember coming to Barcelona 1 year

  • How to be succesful in the recruitment process for the ESC project?

    What is ECS (European Solidarity Corps)? The European Solidarity Corps is the European Union initiative which creates opportunities for young people (18-30 years old) to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe. After completing a simple registration process, European

  • How the ESC experience can enrich your profile?

    If you are a young person hesitating if volunteering is a good idea, I will assure you – it is! Volunteering in its definition is an action that you decide to take without being paid. There are different reasons why people decide to volunteer and different types of help that

  • The power of theatre

    I think that this name is perfect for the project. The power of theatre is so big that it can join different people with different ideas, religions and beliefs. When you act, you create the reality that you are living, and appears a magic ambient. When we arrived to Cornellana,

  • DOING you learn

    The Fundació Catalunya Voluntària is pleased to inform that it has received support to carry out workshops in public secondary schools in 3 cities in the province of Barcelona, ​​to teach students how to carry out CAMPAIGNS, understood as a means of participation, solidarity and struggle to improve the society

  • International Award ‘We Are Together’

    Lluc Marti, on behalf of the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, has been chosen to form part of the European group of experts that make up the international jury of the ‘We Are Together’ award, linked to the international forum on civil participation that, with the same title, will be held in

  • Against Hate and Descrimination, Think!

    We have to live in a society strongly marked by the power the media and social networks have with the support of digital technologies, a power before which the FCV proposes to reinforce two competences that we consider absolutely critical: thinking and media literacy competences, so that critical thinking and

  • The fine arts as an educational and transformative element

    The FCV has gained the support of the European Commission to implement the project of innovation and promotion of creativity in youth issues titled ‘Fine arts for FINE Learning’ that revolves around the fine arts as a source of learning from a European perspective. The practice of artistic disciplines considered

  • Make Yourself More Employable

    The Youth Exchange “Make Yourself More Employable” has been a valuable experience for all of us. We think that it has given us a lot of things that we’ll share with you now. We also wanted to mention a few improvements that can be made in future exchanges. On one

  • Results-New Learnings and Business Ideas

    All non-formal training activities have two privileged sources for learning in reflection and teamwork. For this reason, at FCV we like to create spaces and activities so that both are a relevant part of the program. That the whole group can express themselves freely is essential to know the group’s

  • #PodcastSostenible is now on!

    We are pleased to announce that we are launching the project ‘Podcast sostenible’. Aim of the project is extending the topic of sustainability among the public and providing practical information, helping to define and clarify key concepts such as: sustainability, sustainable development, circular economy, responsible consumption, zero waste, sustainable entrepreneurship,