• The story of a youth exchange in Norway

    Since I was little, I have been curious about how do people live in the northern part of Europe: what is its culture like, its ideology, flora and fauna, etc. I started looking for volunteer projects in the Nordic countries and found the Fundació Catalunya Voluntaria. Of all the programs,

  • “Connect the Dots” in Armenia

    In May 2018, a training activity organized by the local youth organization Youth Initiative Center (YIC) took place in Gyumri, Armenia, to which I attended on behalf of the Fundació Catalunya Voluntaria. The training was carried out from 10 to 18 May and brought together participants from different European countries

  • Queeramus+ Contact Making Seminar!

    Last week the Contact Making Seminar Queeramus+ took place in Oslo, from the 27-31st of May. This seminar was the opportunity to meet organizations around Europe that are engage in Human Rights activism, specifically in the topic of LGBTI+ community. 30 participants with 17 different nationalities gathered to present themselves,

  • Youth Exchange Start the Cha(i)nge: When the change has started!

    Rain. The weather forecast for the week was rain and storm. That’s what I expected the first day, when I woke up to make the final preparations and start the program. But the sun was rising in a clear sky, dyed orange and light blue, with a calm sea marking

  • Ten days in which we fell in love with Antigone and Athens

    Participating in the youth exchange “ANTYGONE on Tour Again”, which took place in Athens (Greece), has been an experience that we will hardly ever forget. As its name says, the project revolved around Antigone’s work of Sophocles, a Greek tragedy that deals with universal arguments that are easily extrapolated to

  • My experience in the training course “Action Lab”

    From May 14 to 22, the third part of the Peace Building Competence Framework for Non-Formal Education in Europe project was held: the “Action Lab -Creativity and Innovation in Peacebuilding” training course, focused on the resolution of conflicts and the construction of peace through art. In it, young representatives from

  • Training of Trainers in The Hague, Holanda

    After a month of the return, it is time to look back to revive a great experience, the training course for trainers organized by the UNOY network, to which I participated thanks to Fundació Catalunya Voluntària (FCV). The course was focused on young trainers of different origins such as Macedonia,

  • Volunteering for everybody: inclusion and accessibility

    On Friday, May 11th, the day ‘Volunteering for all: inclusion and accessibility’ took place at the Casa del Mar. It was organized by the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteers (FCVS) and DINCAT, with the aim of achieving a space for learning and reflection on the accessibility criteria for voluntary programs.

  • Let’s spread Peace and the Resolution 2250/2015

    On the 8th of May, in the room 2 at Casa del Mar, in Barcelona, Fundació Catalunya Voluntària organised and took part in a Training Session on the Resolution 2250/2015, the first UN resolution that deals with the role of young people in peace and security processes worldwide and that

  • Organizing creative activities in Rezekne

    Alexandra have done her EVS in Rezekne, Latvia 2017-2018. The aim of this project was to promote intergenerational understanding of cultural diversity and to promote tolerance and mutual understanding among people, as well as to develop intercultural dialogue and cooperation between foreign young people and inhabitants of Rezekne. In this

  • Journey to Your Happiness

    A journey to self-knowledge and human relationships in a privileged natural environment. We were twenty-four people of six different nationalities. We met in Pedoulas (Cyprus) and began to get to know each other and ourselves, through activities such as sports, introspection, dancing, painting, playing… After all this work, comes one

  • Yellow Brick Road (or how have we learned about peace from a country that has known much war)

    “Many small people in small places, doing small things can change the world”, this phrase by Eduardo Galeano could describe the most essential thing of what we have discussed, reflected on and learned last April (from 11 to 20 April) at the Yellow Brick Road training course in Vlasenica (Bosnia).

  • A flow of emotions: Barcelona and Miranda de Ebro

    One month ago, I left again my lovely city, to start a new adventure: the European Voluntary Service here, in Barcelona. A big city, with a lot of tourists and surprises, like Saint Jordi’s Day, one of the most beautiful days. This day is famous and since I have arrived

  • Everything prepared for the youth exchange “Start the Cha(i)nge”!

    The exchange will take place in Vilanova i la Geltrú from 19 to 27 May and will bring together 20 young people from different countries This Saturday, May 19, begins the youth exchange “Start the Cha(i)nge” in Vilanova i la Geltrú, with a total of 20 boys and girls. The

  • Youth and politic – A question of trust

    From the 11th  to 14th  of April, the FCV was invited to participate in the international activity ‘A matter of trust’, which was held in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz). The meeting, organized by the Youth Association Inter, allowed to create a dialogue and exchange between high school students of