• Forum “The Institutionalization of Volunteering”

    The FCV has been invited to participate in the Forum “The Institutionalization of Volunteering”, an event that will take place in Casablanca, Morocco, on December 15th. During International Volunteer Day, the main goal will be create a dialogue among national and international experts in order to boost reflections and the

  • EVS in Barcelona at 30yo

     When you are living in a small village you need to deal with stereotypes and old fashioned opinion about who is young and who not, what you should do and should not, what is good and what is not. Surrounded by that kind of thoughts I’ve spent a lot of

  • The magic of spontaneity in less than two hours

    Have you ever felt the flow? A special connection with a person just knowing it? Maybe you have not stopped laughing for a long time and you did not know why (without cheating!)? Or did you take action without thinking about it, letting yourself be carried away by your instinct?

  • Young Peacebuilders Forum

    Why different stories matter. Over 50 young peacebuilders from around the globe gathered from 18-22 September in The Hague, Netherlands to connect and work together during the UNOY Young Peacebuilders Forum. As a response to the rise of populism and polarizing rhetoric that we can witness all over the world,

  • My EVS experience: one more French in Barcelona

    Hi, I am Jade, the French volunteer in Fundació Catalunya Voluntaria. During 10 months I supported the FCV promoting the international mobility for young Catalan people, by creating digital contains, promo materials and organizing workshops. Today is my last day in FCV’s office. The first reason I wanted to make

  • How to create “societies more fair, peaceful and inclusive”? What is the ODS 16?

    On September 26 the FCV participated in the meeting for the exchange of good practices in international cooperation organized by the International Catalan Institute for Peace-ICIP, in the Sala Martín el Humano Museum of History of Barcelona, ​​devoted to the systems for the implementation of the objectives of sustainable development

  • The FCV participates in the IAVE World Volunteer Conference

    From October 16 to 20, the 26th World Volunteer Conference took place in Augsburg, Germany, with the participation of nearly 700 delegates from all regions of the world, organized by the International Association for Volunteer Effort-IAVE and hosted by the Center of Volunteering in Augsburg, entitled ‘Our Responsibility for the

  • Massive open online course for intercultural learning

    On October 11, at the Cultural Center in the Convent of San Agustí, neighborhood of La Ribera, a very special event took place: the presentation of the online platform which hosts the online course ‘Union of minorities. Educational tools for the European cultural mosaic’ addressed to educators, which can already

  • My EVS in Kaunas

    Antonio has volunteered in the natural park of Kaunas for 6 months and has sent us a photographic collection of some of the tasks he has been doing 🙂 Approximately once a month, bird monitoring has been carried out. At the same time, the place is also taken care of.

  • Together…we can!

    After an intense year of work to understanding what is the culture of peace, promoting the development of skills, capacities and strategies to carry them out in our daily life, we were heading for the project´s conclusion in Serbia. During the first day, participants from different countries shared  the results

  • The ‘‘Tale’’ of Multiple Identities: A Way Forward

    My name is Rebecca and I am Ukrainian by birth, Armenian by nationality,Polish and French by studies. I have also worked with forward-looking organizations in Armenia – Youth Initiative Centre, Barcelona – FundacioCatalunyaVoluntaria and in The Hague – United Network of Young Peacebuilders. Thus, it becomes obvious that my mind-set

  • My EVS experience in Cascais, Portugal

    I just arrived in Cascais (Portugal) on the middle of June and the time has been flying so far. I am participating in a 5-months EVS in Rota Jovem, a youth association, while collaborating into the celebration for the Youth Capital of Europe, which will take place here. After three

  • Associa’t a la Festa! – La Mercè 2018

    Once again, Fundació Catalunya Voluntària took part in Associa’t a la Festa, a space for different associations and entities in the social field, organized on the occasion of the Mercè festivities, patron of Barcelona. The FCV participated with the Open Cultural Center on Sunday, September 23, in an activity to

  • This program has a wide range of possibilities

    Hi! Here there are some thoughts came out in the middle of a hot week in Croatia, busy for all the things happening in the third Summer Camp during this year of Europan Voluntary Service. This program has a wide range of possibilities. Especially I am talking about all the

  • The dark side of Internet – workshop “No Hate Speech”

    As part of the long non-formal educational pathway of the European project “Peacebuilding framework competence in youth work and NFE in Europe”, last 12th of September, at Casa del Mar I organized a workshop about hate speech, cyberbullying and how to deal with them. As for the previous follow-up activity of