• Plans that become alive

    I knew almost nothing about Croatians a week before flying there for the first time. Actually, I wasn’t even aware I was about to make this trip couple of days before. I must admit, though, that volunteering had been a thing in my mind the last years: Sweden, Norway, no,

  • TLN Mobility 2020

    ‘From Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, this year we want to present ‘Expanding Horizons: Internships In Europe’ the project we offer to young people registered in Youth Guarantee to extend their education through work internship in the Mediterranean’. ‘A great opportunity to broaden your horizons  and take on a broader look at

  • Dear future volunteers!

    Hi, future volunteer! My name is Carolina, I am 29 years old and I am from Barcelona. From April until November 2019, I have participated in an EVS project in Lithuania. During these six months, I have volunteered in Kauni Marios’ Regional Park, in the city of Kaunas. I had

  • EVS, you must do it!

    Paula tells us about her SVE experience in Sicily: Hi, I’m Paula and I’m doing my EVS in Sicily -Italy-, with the GIACHE VERDI association, about the environment. I live with a volunteer from another country, and I know other volunteers, also from different countries. We learned the language quickly

  • Volunteering by a volunteer

    Martaa send us one of the poems of its pass for volunteering in Slovenia   From living in a 1.6 million people city to a country of nearly 2 million. From hearing the traffic noise and life in the streets to being 5 minutes away from the silent woods. From

  • FCV took part a meeting of the GoEU

    From the 12 to the 13 of November, the FCV took part at a meeting for the creation of the GoEUnetwork, organizedin Barcelonaby the consultant Magenta, from Asturias, with the participation of more of 20 experts, project managers and international consultors, representatives of lucrative and non-lucrative  private entities, from: Poland,

  • The FCV in Athens-Inter Alia Network Meeting

    From the 7th to the 9th of December, the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària participated in the meeting of the international youth network ‘Inter Alia’ -of which it is a member- held in Athens; under the title ‘Life beyond the EU funds’. The meeting, organized by the Greek entity Inter Alia, the

  • Volunteer center in ASHA

    Almost 5 months ago I undertook this adventure, and I could not be happier to have made this decision. When I arrived here, I did not expect much: I did not expect the facilities to be perfect and I thought it would be a bigger sacrifice for me, but as

  • ”Volunteering is not only about working, but there is also free time to travel”

    In 2018, just before finishing my graduate in psychology, I began to wonder what my next step would be. The idea of ​​taking a master’s degree was drawn vaguely in my future, but the fact of continuing to study another year was not too attractive: I wanted to take some

  • “I think that you can never realize how fast time flies until you experience your EVS”

    Being an EVS volunteer is not always a straight path to follow: you may feel a bit lost the first few days and, in my case, the students in my school thought I was a Student-teacher –  it took more than a month for them to see the difference. European

  • An adventure full of emotions, challenges, new faces, new places

    Servus everyone, I’m Silvia. Wie geht is dir? Ich bin sehr gut. Before I begin to explain my adventure, I would like to clarify that I am from Barcelona and I am 23 years old. I have always lived in Barna. And I had no plans to get out of

  • For me it has been a “local TLN“ I have had to improve competencies I did not have

    Having the opportunity to be a mentor in a project such as TLN is an experience that not only enriching for participants but also for the team that ensures the good functioning of the different stages of the project. We have had the opportunity to observe all the changes that

  • Project meeting ”Empower for Change”

    From October 30 to November 3, Lluc Martí – a coordinator of the FCV-, participated in the second transnational meeting of the project for the exchange of good practices in the field of Youth “Empower for Change”, which lasted two years, and is set to facilitate the creation of new

  • Georgia, a country of merger

    The first thing that fits your mind when you think about Georgia is two things; one of the states that belongs to the U.S. or that distant country between Europe and Asia that one day was part of the dissolved USSR. Well, in this case, we will choose the second

  • Out in the open, a much-needed TC for people who are in a difficult situation and that probably would help them a lot.

    Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.” Virginia Woolf With this blunt categorical statement Virginia Woolf defined her personality, her unique thinking and her personal philosophy.  Woolf, in my view, is