• Why I decided to get engaged in international mobility experiences?

    Well, after finishing my bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration, I thought that I needed to do something different; I needed to improve my English level and learn other languages. I wanted to travel and live new experiences, so I decided to participate for 3 months in an Erasmus

  • My volunteering experience in Bulgaria

    I remember how nervous and scared I was the days before coming to Bulgaria, but deep down I knew it was something that I wanted, and I needed to do. Bulgaria is not a famous destination in Spain so it sounded mysterious and attractive at the same time -don’t forget

  • #COVID19

    Information Covid19 Following the indications of the Catalan Government, as a preventive measure to avoid more contagions from #covid19, we closed the office from today 13th of March and until further notice. We will continue working from home, so you can contact us at the email you already have or

  • How a job-shadowing experience can create new infrastructure for young people?

    From February 7 to February 14, the FCV hosted a group of 6 young people, from 15 to 18 years old, who enjoyed a week full of activities within the framework of the practical learning experience (Job-shadowing) ‘Youth Leadership for Change’. The activity took place in Barcelona as part of

  • Contact Making Seminar

    From December 1 to December 6, 2019, FCV had the opportunity to participate in a Contact Making Seminar held in Poland, where 25 organizations from countries from Hungary, Azerbaijan, Spain, Italy, Portugal, North Macedonia, Poland, Turkey and Moldova. For a week each organization presented their respective organizations and the different

  • Archipelagos: Defending the Mediterranean

    From 16th to 20th February we have visited our partners in Greece, Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, who will host 8 participants during the months of April, May and June 2020, for an internship in the marine conservation field and within the framework of the TLN Mobilicat program. During the

  • A long-term volunteering in Slovakia

    Claudia is doing her long-term volunteer work in Slovakia, at a youth centre. Here she tells us a little about her day to day life!  The project has different activities that are classified by clubs and that take place inside and outside the centre. Now, I mainly teach Spanish, but

  • Embracing Change in Ourselves

    For a week in November, I was at the Asha Centre (Flaxley, England) doing the Erasmus+ experience ‘Training Course Rites of Passage: Embracing Change in Ourselves’’. The course was about rituals and the path to maturity. We did many activities on introspection, to get to know ourselves better and to

  • EVS in Barcelona – my first experience abroad

    Hello everyone, Before I start to tell you how my 9 months EVS Eramus+ journey was, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Alp, I’m from Turkey and I’m 23 years old. I was 22 years old when I volunteered, I had my 23rd birthday in Barcelona with

  • Croatia – one of the best experiences of my life

    Croatia has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have always liked volunteering, I had participated in various work camps, both national and international; but before I left for Croatia, I wasn’t sure I could be part of an experience like that one. The job was surprisingly

  • Project management with a peace perspective

    My first swim in the Black Sea was quite special. I had been waiting for that moment a while ago, and finally, I got it on the Georgian coast, on a nice beach in Kobuleti, a city with 20,000 inhabitants in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara (Georgia). A radiant sun,

  • The FCV promotes the ‘Transformers-A Age of Youth’ project

    From January 23 to January 26, the FCV will participate in the first transnational meeting of the ‘Transformers-A Age of Youth’ project, a cooperation initiative for innovation, exchange of best practices and capacity building, coordinated by the Kosovar entity LENS and fostered by a total of 10 non-profit and youth

  • FCV host the job shadowing activity ‘Youth Leadership for Change’

    From February 7 to 14, the FCV will host a small group of young adolescents in Barcelona, ​​who will enjoy a week full of activities within the framework of the job shadowing- practical learning experience titled ‘Youth Leadership for Change’, which takes place within the framework of the two-year project

  • Power of non-formal education at Iberian level

    “Someday everything will make sense. So, for now, laugh in confusion, smile through your tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.” When you unexpectedly get an email one day informing you that on November 26th you will take part of a TC in Porto until the

  • IV Social Innovation Forum – On migration and innovation

    For the fourth consecutive year, and coinciding with its 20th anniversary, the Valencian entity Joves Solides has organized its traditional Social Innovation Forum at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, on December 13th and 14th. This fourth forum, inaugurated by the president of the Valencian Community Ximo Puig, and the president