• A room with a view to the future

    First of all, I wanted to thank all the incredible people who have participated in the seminar “Youth Leadership for Advocacy”, with a special mention for the facilitators Lluc, Aleks and Nikos, thanks to whom we were able to meet: more than 20 souls from the four corners of the

  • Successfully held the international seminar ‘Youth Leadership for Advocacy’

    From January 10 to 17, 2022, the Fundació Catalunya Voluntaria has hosted in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain) the international mobility activity ‘Youth Leadership for Advocacy’, the first seminar that we have hosted since the start of the pandemic, more than a year after the initial date planned.

  • Run for Life

    Hello! We are five young people, four from Catalonia and one from the Valencian Community, who had the opportunity to enjoy a youth exchange program of the Erasmus+ program “Run for Life” in Amarante, Portugal. The experience was wonderful, the project was about sport and tried to transmit a healthy

  • Meet up to celebrate some achievements

    On December 8th the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària participated in the international conference of the United Network of Young Peacebuilders held online with one objective: to commemorate a historical milestone by the organization and by many other entities, institutions and individuals: the approval of Resolution 2250/2015 of the United Nations National

  • Sustainable Podcast: First Edition, Done!

    With project “Sustainable Podcast” we wanted to get closer to sustainable initiatives developed in the city, and provide practical information, helping to define and clarify key concepts such as: sustainability, sustainable development, circular economy, responsible consumption, zero waste, sustainable entrepreneurship, green jobs, etc. We have interviewed 8 entities that work

  • Green light for the ECOrasmus project!

    We are pleased to inform you that, after more than 2 years of preparation, we have received support from the Erasmus + program of the European Commission and the German national agency to carry out the project for innovation and exchange of good practices ‘ECOrasmus’. The objective of this initiative

  • International conferences in Saint Petersburg

    The St. Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics has invited Jaume Martí, member of the Board, to participate in two international conferences organized by them. The topics of the conferences were Languages and culture in times of change and The UNESCO heritage and youth. The participation of FCV, focused

  • Advocacy to create employment?

    Do you want to help us create the conditions so that young people have easier access to a job? What needs to be changed to favor the incorporation of young people into the world of work? Do you think that efforts should be made to demand an improvement in a

  • Spread the Game – Mid Evaluation in Thessaloniki

    AddArt was the host for the midterm evaluation of the KA2 project Spread the Game. It was a great opportunity for the coordinators of the different partners to meet and discuss technical aspects of the project. We used this time to prepare the third Training Course that will be hosted

  • International training course ‘How Mainstreaming Media Literacy and Thinking Competences in Youth Work?’

    The Fundació Catalunya Voluntaria is carrying out the project ‘Mainstreaming Media Literacy and Thinking Competences in Youth Work’ in association with 4 other youth and non-governmental organizations, from Greece, Portugal, Italy and Hungary. The initiative aims to collect and create new educational tools and activities that help the non-profit youth

  • International Conference ‘Designing the future of Europe’

    On December 10, the international conference ‘Designing the future of Europe’ will take place in Athens, to report on the results of various educational activities carried out by young people in Greece, within the framework of the ‘Youth Pool 2021’ initiative. In the event, dedicated to social participation, these young

  • Rites of Passage

    Since we saw the title of this article written as a topic of a Formation in the Forest of Dean, in England, Raquel and Gisela knew from that moment that this was our formation, a call to our souls to undertake a transformative journey!  We went through some impediments and

  • Experience in Kysak

    Mainly, I would like to thank the FCV for being a candidate for this great opportunity and thus enjoying this magnificent experience. Next, to say that I recommend this training to everyone, especially to those interested in poetry, literature, bibliotherapy and people who work with children.  With this adventure,  I


    The project took place at “La padure”, a rural hostel in the middle of the forest, there was no city, no bars, and it was perfect that way! We had a marvelous forest to go for a walk, badminton and volley to do sports, table games to entertain ourselves and

  • Exchange program in Palermo: Climate change

    Between 13-21th of October 2021 we had the opportunity to participate in an exchange program supported by Erasmus+ in Palermo (Italy). We met people from Italy and Slovenia where we could share our cultures, languages, personal experiences, thoughts, dances, music and be a multicultural team. It was amazing because we