My EVS experience in Beja

My name is Marta, I’m from Barcelona and I’m 29 years old. Before starting the adventure in Portugal, I was a little bit nervous, I wondered what the group would be like, if it would fit in with him and I also had doubts about if I could understand with my companions with my level of English.

As for the language, I have to say that I was lucky that Portuguese can be understood quite well and that many people there understand Spanish. But as for the participants from other countries, it was a total linguistic immersion and every day that passed was easier to communicate.

With the 8 volunteers we created a great team. It is difficult to explain in few words three weeks of emotions, feelings, more positive than negative, street activities such as singing, dancing, making giant soap bubbles with children, preparing typical food of our country (potato omelet and honeycomb), the time to marvel at the delicacies prepared by the companions of other countries. Also, of course, I do not miss the party with lots of fun every day.

For this and much more I recommend all young people to participate in Erasmus + activities, since they really change your life, open your mind and bring you closer to people who think and feel the same and different to you, at the same time and this It is super enriching. When I came back home, I felt different, changed and above all with a lot of desire to go on a new adventure.