Mustard coloured leaves

I don’t have words to explain my experience throughout this year. I search for so many ways to define what I have felt, smelled, heard and touched, that even if I wanted it wouldn’t be enough, as I have not enough vocabulary to explain how I have lived.

DSC_4063I feel today, like the mustard coloured leaves typical from autumn, which are starting to slowly and sadly to fall to welcome the typical time of the year to reflect.

I consider that getting to live and know a country as different as Poland, and doing it on my own, as it has been my case, has been a gift from life. I am deeply grateful to all the experiences and lessons that life has taught me.

For me, even being it a year, it has been short, and I leave good memories and very well saved in every organ of my body. There are feeling and memories you can only experience in your own skin.

I hope and I wish in a passionate way that if I ever live a similar experience, it will be as powerful and introspective as this one, and at the same time be full of passion as this year has been.