The project took place at “La padure”, a rural hostel in the middle of the forest, there was no city, no bars, and it was perfect that way! We had a marvelous forest to go for a walk, badminton and volley to do sports, table games to entertain ourselves and great people to have a good time with.

There was a tense environment during the first days, some people wondered if their english would be good enough, if the activities would be fun, if they could make friends of different cultures. As days went by and we got to know each other and as we felt more comfortable that uncertainty disappeared.

The topic in question, entrepreneurship, was approached in a relaxed, creative and funny way, encouraging cooperation through international teams. We created business ideas with the most diverse objects, there were talks with entrepreneurs that shared their experiences with us and some formal lectures from the organizers. All of this allowed us to approach the subject from another perspective and realize it was more accessible than we thought. Also, working with people from other countries  made us realize there were more things that made us similar than different, promoting a spirit of unity that would grow stronger as the project developed.

The organizers and the staff were very kind, they took care of any problem that arose and made sure we were comfortable. The pace of the project was great, we had a bunch of activities but we also had plenty of free time. I would like to emphasize that many of those activities were cultural, like visiting a village close by or walking through the forest all the way to an orthodox church. The food was curious, there were lots of soups with a strong herbal flavor and various romanian dishes like mamalika, a dish very similar to polenta.

During those days I lived many enriching experiences, I remember searching for the closest village running through the forest with a french friend and a dog from the hostel, late night chess while having a beer with a turkish friend, trying acro yoga with the spanish girls, gathering wood from the forest with an axe to make a fire during the night, looking at the stars  with the turkish guys while we listened to traditional music from our countries, and something so simple as having a good conversation while sunbathing.

On our way to the airport everybody had a good sensation over the week.

Those who questioned their english were more fluent than they expected, those who doubted the utility of the subject left with new and helpful knowledge and those fearful of being alone left with new friends and the promise to visit them someday.

In general, it was a wonderful week where everybody left with positive experiences.

Many thanks to FCV for making it possible.

David Collado